Power failure camera off line

I have 4each V2 camera’s but am having trouble getting the cam to come back on after a power failure. I have to unplug the power cord and replug it in. I also have nest cam’s and not having trouble with them.
Appears the bulbs work the same way.
This is a deal breaker for me because we have 2-3 power failures a month and sometimes no one is home to reset the camera. My WEMO plugs always come back on after a failure so I am going to plug my inside camera’s waze cams into a wemo so I can remotely reset the Waze cams.

I will go back to nest if waze can not fix this problem

I know others have run into this issue, but I have cams and bulbs and they all power back up and reconnect on their own after a power failure. This weekend I have to do some work that involves me killing power to my house for a few hours, I am going to see what happens with them.

Thanks for your comment! When you cut the power try off/on then off for your project. Usually during a power failure the power will try and come right back on 1 or 2 times before the recloser stays tripped to the line short.
Turning the power off for a few hours and then on really does not simulate a power failure.
Good luck

When you say off/on, do you mean an off then instantly back on, just trying to recreate it the best way possible.

That is correct. In most of the US when the power fails it goes off then 1-2 sec later it try’s to come back on. This sometimes happens 2 times then the power stays off until the fault is corrected by the power co. The object here is an attempt to bring power back up on another line within 2 sec or so. If the 2nd attempt still has a short the power stays off. I believe this is called a reclosing attempt.



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I know some folks seem to have this exact issue. I also experience frequent power failures and brownouts. Our buried service was installed in the early 70’s and is just now being replaced and upgraded. That being said I don’t have any issues with the Wyze cams coming back online. Now I don’t have any Wyze Bulbs I have all Hue bulbs. And while the bulbs themselves come back on to whatever state I set for power on, the dang hub has to be manually reset.

I’m beginning to think this may be an interaction between the router coming on line, the cameras and a recent build.
We all know Wyze tweaks several things with each build. My cams all recovered from power failures up until about a month ago. Then I upgraded most of them and the upgraded ones didn’t. Since then we have not had a power outage ( :slight_smile: ).

Who knows? I think Wyze probably does. I was in the process of switching from nest but am putting that on hold. Wyze has a good product but this power thing will be a deal breaker. I have sensors and bulbs on order but will send them back if I have the same power problems. I am now trying my wemo switch’s to power the Wyze cams. If that works I have a decision to make. My Wemo switches always reconnect to the net after a failure

Ok, I finally had a minute to get back in here and follow up, I had the power off in my house to do some work, so after I was done I messed with the power in multiple ways. I killed the entire house, so loss of power to cams and bulbs and wireless router, I mimicked the power fluctuating coming back on by flipiing it on and off a few times. Everything eventually was back on line and running within 10 minutes without me having to do anything. I tried killing the power to a few cams and bulbs but leaving the internet intact and they reconnected immediately when power was restored. I left cameras and bulbs powered but killed power to modem and router for 20 minutes. Then restored internet and everything still reconnected without any outside help.
In short I have not been able to recreate the scenario where they will not come back online.


I didn’t have any trouble either. I had the power off to my router, bulbs, and cameras to install the gosund smart switches. Power was off for about an hour, and also off and on several other times. I was a little concerned before I turned off the power, and how long it would take me to get everything back up running. Happily, it all went well.

I am starting to wonder if the people with the issue are having small fluctuations in power (small brown outs) I don’t know how to recreate that,

Thanks for all your help Jason. I have 4 Wyze V2 camera’s. All have gone through 3 power outages. 2 of the 4 do not come back on at this time. I have 3 of my 4 bulbs up and running but none have gone through a power failure yet. I will start checking on this end. I also have one camera that goes off line from time to time but will not connect unless I unplug it and replug back in. I have that camera hooked up to a wemo on off switch so I can reconnect remotely.
Will advise later.

Thanks again Jason.


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With so many different devices and routers, it seems like no real way to pinpoint some of these issues. Every use case is slightly different depending on their setup. My guess, distances and obstacles can hinder signals to reconnect properly. Therefore, it isn’t always easy to troubleshoot with so many variables. Some are using longer power cables than recommended to their cameras and this can cause connection problems as well. Hopefully, Wyze will narrow down some of the bulb issues people are having as time goes on and make them more user friendly for everyone. I am just glad I haven’t had any problems with mine.

I know I am guilty of using some 25 ft USB cables that are attached to an extension cord lol

I’m using the 26 foot cables with two of my cameras and they work perfectly. I have read in other posts where they were using much longer than that. :grin:

Yes, but I think power level is ok in long USB cables but data starts to degrade earlier, luckily these do not transmit data over the USB

Right! A lot of the problems seem to be router related.