Wyze Bulb Revert to Full Brightness After Power Loss

Is there anyway to have Wyze bulbs revert to full brightness after being turned off or does it always have to revert to it’s previous state? I see in the options for each bulb there is a “Turn on” or “revert to last state” option, but is this only for if the power goes out? Or is this equivalent to turning off the light switch? For ex: first thing in the morning I turn on my dining room bulbs which were at probably 25% the previous night, and they come on at 25% again. I then have to wait about 5 secs or so before I can issue the Alexa command to return them to full brightness. Any way to avoid doing this with every bulb I have dimmed in my entire house?

Currently they will only come back at the previous state

That is correct, that option is for when there is a total loss of power, before when there was a total loss of power the lights would turn on when power was restored, now you have the option that if they were off they will stay off.