Wyze bulb question

If you dim WyzeBulb to lets say 50%, and if you then turn switch off and then on, WyzeBulb will go to full brightness. Correct?

Ok I just did it myself, I turned on a bulb and set it to 10%, then I turned off the bulb at the switch. I waited a minute then turned the switch back on and it came on at the 10% that it was at when I turned it off.


Yes, the bulb will remember your brightness and color settings after loss of power.

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Nice, that is totally different behavior than Philips Hue, as they would go back to full brightness.

I know this isn’t the Philips Hue support forum. However, you can change this in the Hue App under Settings → Power-On Behavior. Set each bulb to “power loss recovery” which will set it to the previous used color and brightness.