Set Wyze bulbs to specific color / brightness / scene after Power Loss Recovery

Right now there are only a couple of options of how to proceed after a Power Loss Recovery… i.e switching a light switch on and off. Before I switched to Wyze I used Phillips Hue bulbs and they had an option to set the color and brightness of each bulb after power loss. Right now the only option we have is to Turn on… maintain previous state, and custom per light which is just those two initial options on a per light basis.

It would be nice to be able to set the color and brightness for when a bulb regains power. Basically a default setting for when you switch on a light. This is especially important for places like hallways where you dont want to have to get your phone out to turn on a light…

This could also be done with a wyze light switch if they made one.

Would love to see this applied to Wyze Bulb and Wyze Bulb Color at both the individual bulb and bulb group levels.

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I’m surprised this feature is voted so low. There are many reasons that this would be a great feature. What if you don’t have your phone handy and you just want to use the bulbs as regular bulbs and not the previous setting. If this feature was available you could just do an on-off and boom it works like a regular bulb.

I don’t understand why this simple request isn’t available. Watch a movie before bed and flip the lights off manually, and then your kids or company come back in to the room (who you obviously don’t give access to your Wyze app) and they can’t get the lights go bright. This one reason is why I’ll never buy another Wyze bulb

Wyze Bulb - set scene on power loss recovery

For the Wyze Bulb Power Loss Recovery - is it possible to have a scene or mode be set after a power loss? I’m using the power loss to still make the manual lightswitch useful. It would be great that if someone turned the lights off, when turned back on they would reset to the bright scene.

I just started using Wyze bulbs and wanted to fix this issue. If you go to rules, you can set the trigger to turning the light on, setting the brightness and color. Now my light turns on the color I want it to later in the day instead of what it ended at after my sunrise alarm.

You could also set it to turn on to different brightnesses at different times of the day.

I tried doing this. While it seemed to work, it made it impossible to change the color off the bulb. Changing the color would trigger this rule (which it shouldn’t) and it would change back to the color in this trigger.

I could really use this. I just put three Wyze Bulb Color BR30 bulbs in my front porch. I want to turn them on at sunset, then dim them later in the evening and then turn them off later. I also want myself and other members of my family to be able to use the normal light switch to turn them on by toggling it off then on. If I had the lights dimmed before turning them off, then when someone turns them on with the light switch, they will come on dimmed. There is no way to get them to a normal brightness without the app.