Respect current rule state upon power restoration

Goal: To have the light bulb be automatically dimmed to 10% after 7:15pm and back to 100% after 7:15am. It is being used in a bathroom with a standard wall switch.

Problem: Since the wall switch is usually off, the bulb cannot change mode since it is unpowered. When I turn the wall switch on, the bulb does not set itself to the current Rules schedule.

The Rules I set up are:
Turn ON, Brightness 10%, Color Soft White, Start 7:15pm, End 7:14am
Turn OFF, Brightness 100%, Color Daylight, Start 7:15am, End 7:14pm

If I turn the wall switch on during the day, the bulb is still dimmed to 10% from the night before. If the Rules have a start and end time, it would be nice for the bulb to follow the rules set unless manually overridden. I understand there will be a few seconds delay for the bulb to boot, connect and update its status.

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@warp929, I have entered your submission into the #wishlist. However, I will mention that Wyze Bulbs are not intended to be operated from a wall switch. Therefore, I’m not sure what Wyze will do with this topic.

You may be interested in this #wishlist topic: Wyze Switch - Smart light switch

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Thank you. I feel flipping a light switch is much faster than pulling out my phone to turn a light bulb on and off or screaming through the house to get Alexa to listen.

In case you weren’t aware, there current app has a “Power Loss Recovery” setting for the bulb. That way you can set it so that the bulb comes on when power is restored (switch turned on). It would, of course, go off when the switch is turned off. At least that way, while it won’t follow the rules state, it will act as one would expect in response to a light switch.

Loki - Yes, I was aware of the Power Loss Recovery feature and had been using it. Thank you for mentioning it.


Bulbs: “Last DESIRED state” power loss recovery

Wyze smart bulbs have a nice feature: “Maintain previous state” after power loss recovery. Allow me to propose taking that idea to the next level: “Set last desired state” after power loss recovery.

I work in DevOps. We operate on concepts like idempotence, imperative vs declarative, and so on. This is along those lines. This would allow Wyze smart bulbs to provide nearly seamless operation after power outages, and every day for all of us who can’t (or don’t want to) use smart switches, even when schedules or other events have executed while the bulb was powered off. And from a business and marketing perspective, this brings smart bulb performance in line with consumer expectations for the simplest use-cases, lowering the barrier to entry.

For me, bulbs being in the wrong state is biggest “pain point” of Wyze smart bulbs. Like, I’ve saved the packaging and considered just sending them back. I can’t use smart switches due to my old wiring. I have about 15 bulbs around the house, all on “dumb” switches. The switches get turned off, intentionally or unintentionally. Then schedules or manual events happen, and later when they’re powered on, one bulb in a group is different. Or my nighttime “dim/warm” schedule had no effect on a whole room of bulbs 'cause they were powered off. I have to manually intervene constantly. You know the story.

My idea is simple, should work on existing hardware, and you probably already have the required data in your database. Instead of just locally storing/restoring the last state of the bulb on power recovery (“Maintain previous state”), the bulb also “calls home” as soon as power is restored and executes the last event it would have followed if it were powered on (“Last desired state”). The bulb might be “wrong” for a moment before it calls home, but these bulbs seem to boot and become responsive pretty quick. And most importantly no manual intervention is required! It just works. Now that’s what I call smart.

With this feature schedules, integrations, and manual events “work” even when the bulb has no power. To me, it’d be a game-changer.

Cam rules must survive power cuts

Where I live we have frequent power cuts. When these overlap with rules for starting (and ending) monitoring of external cams then the rules will not apply. What is required is that the time period for rule settings are considered when power returns - in other words, if present time (i.e. when power returns) is within an applicable rule setting then that setting must be applied.

Presently, it would seem, power cuts simply suspend any rules untill the next start of a defined period cycle. If owners of Wyze cams are travelling elsewhere they would be required to constantly check on the status of their cameras.

A similar situation exsisted initially with another company’s product, the Philips Hue lights. These lights would come back on at full blast after a power cut but eventually got modified to cope with this real-world situation.