How to get bulbs to follow schedule when turned on at wall switch?

I turn my wyze white bulb lights (just got them brand new) on/off with the wall switch throughout the day. I created rules so that the whiteness/brightness will change based on a schedule. It seems that if the lights aren’t turned on at the wall switch when the schedule starts, the rule will fail. Turning them on at the wall switch after the scheduled rule time will not result in them changing to my desired settings. How can I get them to adhere to the settings on my schedule when they get turned on at the wall switch?

Hello @candyman and welcome to the community.

Unfortunately, the answer here is you can’t. When you set a schedule the command is sent to the bulb at the scheduled time. If the bulb is powered off by the switch then the bulb is entirely shut down and cannot receive the command.


Is there any other way to achieve my results? Like could a Wyze switch be used instead of my current switch, which when pressed would effectively turn the bulbs to zero brightness, but still on to receive rule changes?


you can use the Wyze Switch as long as you are replacing a single pole switch with a Neutral Wire.

With the Wyze Switch you can set it up to control smart bulbs or non smart bulbs. you can even tap on the switch to turn lights on and off.

I do that in my office all the time.


I was able to get what I wanted by doing a rule device trigger. So basically bulb 1 has a trigger when turned on between my desired times to set the brightness/whiteness of all bulbs in the group to what I want.