Wyze switch "smart control" doesn't detect wyze bulbs are already on

I have four Wyze bulb-white under “smart control” with my Wyze switch. However if I use Alexa or the app the turn on my bulbs, the switch remains in an “off” state so when I press it once, nothing happens. I have to press it twice to essentially turn the switch “on” and then “off” again to get the bulbs to turn off.

Is this intended behavior?

Interesting. I could see how this is happening, The intent of the Smart Control is so Power is not removed from the Smart Bulb using the Smart Switch, if you change the setting of the bulb via Alexa then the switch wouldn’t really know.

Do you have 1 switch controlling 4 bulbs?

I think the easiest solution here would be when wanting to control the lights by voice trigger, trigger the Smart Switch via Alexa rather than the bulbs.

Yes, 1 switch controlling 4 bulbs. I could just control the switch via Alexa instead, but the bulbs also get turned on by some other automation/rules.

Wyze Rules or Alexa Routines?

You could switch those rules as well, where the rule action is at the switch and not the bulbs.

Wyze rules – unfortunately riddled with this bug: Set bulb brightness & color temp by Schedule without turning on - #99 by Seapup

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Also if I use all automation/rules on the switch, I can’t change the bulb brightness/color as easily :frowning:

Interesting, not a variable I have run into but all of my rules are on and off, with either 100% brightness or a static brightness. I don’t change white colors or brightness throughout the day. I have never ran into this , but understand how this would impact.