Wyze Light Switch compatibility

I am interested in the Wyze switch as it would solve the problem with smart lights loosing their settings if the switch is turned off at the wall vs turned off via app. My question is will it do the same for other smart lights or just Wyze products? I ask because the lights I am trying to control Wyze does not make a form factor for yet, but it is basically the same specs as their bulb and strip that this switch can control (LED, wifi connected, Alexa and app controlled, same power.). Anyone know any treason it would not work? If Wyze made a light that fit what I needed I would buy it but they do not.

The Wyze products don’t seem to work with any other vendors products.

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Hmm too bad, that’s a shame. Thanks for the info!

The switch as a Smart Control mode and a Classic Control mode for the single-press action.

In Smart Control mode, where the device the switch controls is always powered, the switch just sends commands to turn the device on and off. Thus, it only works with Wyze devices already assigned to your app.

Classic Control simply powers up and down whatever 120V device is connected to the switch.

I have several Wyze Bulbs connected to unpowered switches. None lose their settings. They all come back on at the same brightness (etc) as when they powered down.

As long as your 3rd-party bulb does the same, you should be able to use Classic Control. That is what I use to control the Wyze Bulb that is currently in the fixture connected to my switch. I use that because it it a slight bit quicker than Smart Control, which has to send a command.