Simple Q About How the Light Switch Works

I saw the Wyze Light Switch at a big box store, and wanted to get it, but it was not clear whether I can use it as a manual light switch. Can I tap on it with my finger to turn the light on or off?

It seems lame to me that the box, the ads, and the Youtube videos don’t make this obvious.

Yes you can. They call it “classic control” in the app. Once single press on the switch is configured for classic control, a button press only switches the load on & off. You can still use all the other smart capabilities of the switch, no problem.

The other single-press mode is “smart control”. When you configure it for this, the load stays powered 24/7, and smart commands are sent to the load (bulb?) to turn it on or off.

I personally have a Wyze smart bulb in the fixture, but control it like a regular light bulb using classic control. That lets me set its brightness and warmth, as I do not want a bright light there.