Wyze Light Switch - Control "dumb" lights, and a Wyze bulb in another room?

Can I use the Wyze Switch to turn on/off the regular “dumb” lights that are connected to the switch, but ALSO have the same switch turn on/off a single Wyze bulb in another room at the same time?

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You can do it with the same switch, but not the same switch action.

Assign Single Press Classic Control to the regular bulb that is the switch’s fixture.

Assign Double Press, Triple Press, or Press & Hold to your smart bulbs. You will need to assign an off action too, so maybe Double Press ON, Triple Press OFF.



@Newshound is correct. However, while helping out another community member, I did notice that you can setup a Wyze Trigger Rule which simply says: When the Switch turns on do this… When the Wyze Switch is turned off do this…

I believe this could be something you could try. But realize, it is dependent on a Rule and now directly controlled by the switch.

I just created 2 rules: One for On and One for Off. Tested and it worked for me. The single press turns on my dumb lights, then turns on my Wyze Smart Bulb. Single Press again, turns off my dumb lights and then turns off the Wyze Smart Bulb.

Here are the Rules I used:

ON -------------------------------------- OFF


Nice solution, @spamoni4 !

You could light up a whole house using that method. :smiley:

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Just a nice way of leveraging device control with a single press but still keep the switch ability with Dumb Bulbs or lights.

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You can make the double, triple, long ANY amount of events in a row.

For example, I made my bedroom switch triple-press to be "turn on the bedroom lights to Purple/50%…Set the thermostat to Sleep… "

I then have a rule that when the thermostat is set to Sleep… I turn on all the notifications for camera(s), doorbell, motion, door/window sensors… and turn off about 13 other bulbs and light strips…

Basically, anything you can set as a string of shortcuts, you can make the double, triple, long do ANYTHING you want in the set of Wyze Rules… even vacuum the floor. I tested, it works.

I have messed with these things extensively and found a pretty big bug… detailed here:

No answer from the Wyze folks about this.