Switch - Disable single press

Disabling single press would be a great way to child proof household switches.

My fireplace is controlled by a light switch. I would love to be able to use a Wyze switch to control it. To prevent my kids from accidentally turning it on I would like to be able to disable the single press and only turn on with a double or triple click.

I haven’t tried it myself… Could you set the single press to “Smart Control” and then not actually include any Wyze Bulbs? If possible, this would effectively disable the single press.


This is a good idea! It does essentially disable the single press.

Unfortunately now I can’t assign the switch to its own double or triple press. You can only assign other devices.

Ah, I see. “Non-smart” devices can only be controlled with a single press. Double press, triple press, and press and hold can only control Wyze devices. I see your dilemma…

It would also be useful if this was able to be changed on a schedule via rules. As in something like, smart control 10pm-7am (kid’s in bed), otherwise work as basic control.

Ideally trying to keep the kid from turning lights on and off instead of sleeping…

Adding support to this, and seconding the scheduling ability, for exactly the same reason: keeping kiddos from keeping themselves awake.

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I know it says probably not… But, with the introduction of 2 new Wyze Flood Lights since the release of the Wyze Switch, and for those like me that have Wyze Switches that are direct wired to Wyze Floodlights. Being able to Disable Single press would be wonderful.

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