New Wyze Switch

I have some on order but bought one from HD and installed already. This is exactly what I was wanting. The ability to control my Wyze room lights at the switch without the app and without cutting the power like a normal switch. Outstanding!!!

A two switch solution would be nice, but this fixes several areas in my home already. Already using the double tap to control lights on a two switch in an adjacent room. Keep it up with the innovation.


Agreed!! I only pre-ordered one set of 3, but will order more when they have 3 way switches available. I assume these will fit a basic rectangle faceplate, for two right next to each other?

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Cool, so it looks like it would definitely work with a regular paddle switch on one side, and the Wyze swith on the other, with a basic 2 gang paddle faceplate from the hardware store! :slight_smile: i have a single and 3 way switch next to each other.

Indeed so. And Happy Forumverssary!

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Someone that has seen the switch. Is it white or is it almond?

Switch is white.


Very white.


Can’t wait until they have a dimmer and 2/3 way switches!

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Yea, I would like to have double switches as well. Can’t seem to find them anywhere. :slight_smile:

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Can you tell me if the switch can be controlled when internet is down?

@Chanze -

You said, “The ability to control my Wyze room lights at the switch without the app and without cutting the power like a normal switch.”, can you elaborate on what you mean by “without cutting the power like a normal switch”.

Could you tell me how long the delay is for the smart functions? Do you have it connected to Wyze Bulb Colors, That’s what I would be doing

About 1 second. Mine are connected to color bulbs.

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This looks good.

Two tests

  1. Unplugged wifi, switches don’t work.

  2. Left wifi on, turned off cable modem, switches don’t work.

I did these tests with the Single press for Smart Control, meaning pressing the switch sends a command to the devices.

If you have Single press set for Classic Control, this directly turns the power off and on. I don’t think this needs the internet and is acting as on/off switch.

Most smart switches work just like a normal switch, by cutting the power to the attached light fixture. The added “smart” feature being to also turn the switch on and off via an app or other smart device. But it still turns off the fixture (lights) by removing the power to said fixture. The Wyze switch has two modes… the normal mode, which cuts power to the fixture, and a “Smart Control” mode, which is designed to work with smart bulbs. If the switch is in smart mode, which you press the switch, power stays on to the light fixture, but it sends the commands to turn off the smart bulbs. Hope that makes sense.


Thanks for the clarification. I’m wondering/hoping then that in smart mode, if the fixture is the Cam Floodlight, it can then tell the floodlight’s lights to simply turn on/off, while power to the Cam and lights will always exist.