Two Separate Switches Either End Of Kitchen- Can I disconnect one & Use Wyze At The Other

My kitchen lights consist of three ceiling can style lights that can be controlled from two single switches at both ends of the kitchen. So in other words, two switches both able to control the lights. I’d like to see if there is any way that I can disconnect and no longer use one of the switches and replace the other (still operating) switch with a Wyze switch?

Any ​help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

You might be able to do some wiring tricks, if you know how to handle the wiring in your house. However, the Wyze Switch is a single pole switch not a 3-way switch. So natively it will not work.

You should be able to remove the traveler wire to accomplish this.

Here is a website which explains it:

Convert 3-way Switches to Single Pole - Electrical 101.


Thank you so much! That’s actually what I was looking for!

Merry Christmas,

Same to you. Glad it is helpful

I have another smart switch from ge and they can be configured so both switches work but only one of them changes - the other just sends a signal. So just as simple as having it in a single wiring configuration but still works from both switches. Can these be configured that way?