Wyze Switch - Clicking on and Off, Lights flashing on and Off

As the post says, just installed the Wyze Switch as a replacement for a regular old switch that controls my Outside Fan Lights. When installed it just started clicking on and off internally but not lights on the switch itself and the lights outside that it controls are just turning on/off/on/off in sequence. I killed the power in the meantime.

The light switch it replaced is a single pole, but there seems to be a switch in another Bathroom can turn it off as well. This would indicate it’s a Dual Pole I think, but it’s wired as a single pole on this Switch.

Will this not work with the Wyze Switch?

The Wyze switch will not work on a three-way. If another switch can control the same lights, then you cannot use it.

If it is indeed a single pole switch, then make sure you have the Load wire hooked up to the Load on the switch and the Line hooked to the Line