Problem with Wyze Switch installation

We installed two switches in a double switch box. One is to control outside lights and one to control an entryway light inside. After following all the instructions and trouble-shooting, we still cannot get the indicator light to come on (flash) at all. When we turn on the breaker, the light in the entryway flashes on and off repeatedly and there is a clicking noise coming from the Wyze switch. The outdoor lights do not flash on and off. We reversed the load and line wires. When we turn on the breaker, nothing happens. Not sure where to go from here.

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This is indeed an indicator that the lines are not matched properly.

Just to make sure, and not to question your knowledge, but just to get more information so that we can assist you better.

  1. You have the Wyze switches connected to lights/devices that only have one switch connected to it? There is no other switch that controls the fixture.

2, Your switch box has a neutral wire?

I would always suggest getting a non-contact voltage tester (NCVT) you can get them from your hardware store fairly inexpensive and they take a lot of guess work out of replacing switches and outlets.


Thanks for the response. After watching a few videos and seeing some photos of similar installations, we figured it out! We had a bundle of 4 neutral wires and apparently we made up our own step because we separated the four wires, used one for each switch, and bundled the other two that we didn’t use. Once we bundled the 4 neutral wires again and added the two accessory wires that came with the switch, then connected each of those to the neutral connection, both switches work. :blush:


Glad you got it figured out and enjoy!

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