Wyze switch only works when…

So im not a pro at electrical but i have a wyze switch installed that doesn’t work unless i have a wyze outdoor plug plugged in to the outlet underneath the switch. When i plug in the outdoor plug it makes a clicking noise and stops after a couple of mins. The switch will go off line after a few minutes after the clicking. If anything else gets plugged into the outlet without the outdoor plug the switch makes a clicking noise till i unplug whatever is plughed in. How does this happen and is it a easy fix.

Sounds like something is not wired right. When the outdoor plug gets plugged in, it’s creating a small current path that is working around the problem. Try plugging something else into that - like a preferably incandecent table lamp - and see if the switch starts working.

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I have a Wyze switch that has been installed since they hit the market several months ago. I installed 2 switches at that time to operate my outdoor floods. About a month ago one of the switches began going offline for no apparent reason. I have to ‘reinstall’ it to get it back online. It will stay connected foe a day or two, then its indicator light is fast-flashing again. It says its firmware is current. I don’t know what to do. Is it possible that it has gone bad? :thinking: