WYZE outdoor plug still allows small amount of electricty to flow when shut off

When I shut off my WYZE outdoor plug, which I am using for Xmas lights, the strand still glows with a very low light. Obviously the plug is not disconnecting all the way. I am not an electrician but is it reasonable to assume the switch does not completely disconnect and there is an arc? Is this a problem that can be fixed or is the plug defective and should not be used?


Off should be off. No electricity should be flowing to the things plugged into it the same as a surge protector or anything else.

Possibly an issue with the button. It has two plugs so try the other one since it has 2 separate buttons.

Could also try a factory reset supposedly by holding one button down for 5+ seconds. And too see how it works before further setup.

There can also be firmware updates if any are available.