Wyze Plug 2 wont power off device

I just bought 2 of the Wyze Plugs and both are configured and updated to latest firmware. When I turn the plug off, the lights I have plugged into it don’t turn off when the power to the Plug is turned off. I can hear it click and the power light goes out, but the light stays on. Any thoughts? It happens on either plug.

Interesting update. I plugged in a different light and it works perfectly on both of the Wyze Plugs. Any idea why the other lights don’t power off? They are LED flood lights for a green screen setup. They are 2 wire lights. Is the wiring possibly an issue? Both lights are connected together to the single outlet. Positive to positive to plug positive and negative to negative to ground on the plug end.

Okay, disregard this posting. I had the wires connected incorrectly for the flood lights. Surprised they worked at all. I had 3 wires on the plug and used the wrong color for the common. Duh. They work now. :slight_smile: Might help someone in the future if they play an electrician on TV as well.

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Glad you were able to get it figured out :slight_smile: