Wyze Light Strip not turning off

I recently installed a Wyze Light Strip, and it was working fine until the app prompted me to do a firmware update, in which the colors are slightly different (red and yellow simply aren’t red or yellow) and the lights can’t turn off, when I power the system off, they just turn blue even thought the mounting box is off too. Does anybody know how to fix this?

I am having the same problem. Anyone know how to fix this?

Same here. Has anyone faced this since the original post?

Welcome to the forums! Are your connectors fully plugged in? Is the strip itself damaged at all? I have one small section on one of my light strips (limited to a small section that I believe is just between two of the cut lines) that has some damage from a kitty scratch and experience some of what is explained above.

I’m having the same issue. I just bought two light strips. First one messed up after the firmware update, but I wasn’t sure if it was the cause. I pulled out the second and tested it. Everything worked on it until I updated it. Now they’re both messed up. First one has issues with the red and blue LEDs, if one is on so is the other, so that you don’t have full range of colors. The second won’t turn on, it’ll pulse rapidly for a second, but it also won’t turn off, the blue LED is just barely on at all times unless unplugged.

I’ve tried everything in the troubleshooting page. Cycle power to the strip, modern/router, phone. Clear cache/storage, uninstall, reinstall app. Factory reset on strip and even pulling the individual connectors apart during 30 second power cycles.

Thanks for the note! I would contact Support and let them know what’s going on. Be prepared to create an app log and submit that so they can forward that and your ticket on to the devs/engineers for a look over. Sounds like maybe a big is starting to show it’s face. Thanks!

How do you contact support? All I get is more “help boxes”. Did anyone ever get a solution to this? I can’t get any control over my light strip pro after doing the recent update.

Here is the contact info:

Personally I’ve had the best help over the phone, but you have have to be placed in hold until they can get to you. Others have had better assistance on the chat. The hours may different going into the holiday weekend.

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Hi, so we still don’t have a solution(firmware update) for this issue? Did anyone get it fixed?
Thank you
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Couldn’t tell ya sorry! Mods and Mavens are not Wyze employees and we aren’t privy to the Support stats and resolutions when users work with support in things unless the users with the issue reports back here with what happened. I would hope that no news is good news? :slight_smile: