Wyze Light Strip Pro - I know I'm Late but can someone help?

So I have had my Wyze light strip pro since release just sitting in a box not opened or used. I today finally decided to check it out. I pulled it out, connected it and turned it on. So far so good it was pulsing blue so it connected to my app nicely and without error. I gave it a name and it asked to upgrade the firmware so I said yes. It is now firmware version

So I went in to start playing with it. Check out what animations they came up with etc but I cant for the life of me figure out how to control the different light segments like the pro is supposed to have. In fact the app for working the light seems really clunky. I have some built in scenes but they are all just one color choices as well. What am i missing? I thought maybe it somehow got installed as the regular light strip but it clearly states its a light strip pro in the device info tab. Under the design tab on the start page for it I just have the big color orb or the cool to warm white ring to select from. Below that is swatches that I can edit but thats just for selected quick colors. No segments, no animations nothing.

HELP! :frowning:

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Hello @Superdeleted
I believe I know what you are looking for, so in the app go to your Wyze Light Strip Pro, when you are in that, make sure you are on the design tab, that is the one with the color wheel. At that point above the power icon you will see around button with the name of your light strip, press and hold that and the screen will come up that you are looking for


Thanks! That solved the segments. They couldn’t have made it more hidden could they? I must have missed the tutorial where people learned that.

So what about pre-designed patterns / animation? None of those come with p

I don’t think so, it honestly took me some digging to figure out how, I knew there was a way.

I don’t think there are any currently aside from the ones under the ‘Music’ tab

Yup I found those and they are cool but wish they could run without audio. And wish I could create my own color choices using the animations. For these to cost a bit more than Govee’s sadly means this is a fail. Still love the vacuum entries though

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