Light strip Pro: how to fade colors slowly to the next one

It would be great to just fade the colors from one to another and control the speed (slowly). Seems to be basic functionality I’ve had with every light strip except for wise.

The current effects are not relaxing at all and the speeds aren’t very adjustable.


Welcome to the forum! @Twinkieheist

I believe this is possible .

On the light strip pro screen , try setting it up like this. This maybe what you’re looking for… please let us know :slight_smile:

This is generally what I first thought of . You can control the speed , effect , music mode , and direction of the LED’s however you like. Though it doesn’t have to be like how I set it up

But given the information you were asking for , this is something in the ballpark …

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Thank you! I’ll
Give this a try!

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Is that what you were looking for ?

Hi @Rulwiz,
Your post seems to be one of the only places at this point on the entire internet that offers a glimpse into the “effects outside of Music Mode” recently added to the Wyze Light Strip in Android App v2.35 (29-Sep-2022) and Light Strip/Pro firmware (21-Sep-2022). I don’t see Wyze describing it anywhere further in release notes or support articles.

Any chance you could post more details (either in this thread or a dedicated thread) covering the full functionality now allowed by these effects? (i.e. animations and how they can be configured)
Either more screenshots or a written description or even a video screen capture. Whatever you could provide would be awesome.

Helps in determining if the Light Strips are worth buying
Thanks much!


I just got a light strip pro. I agree I would like a slow transition of red, yellow, green and blue very slow.

My wife and I cannot stand the rapid transitions that seem to be all that is currently available.

I hope that I find something slower and gentle transitions soon. :crossed_fingers:


I just tried marque slow. This is not slow or relaxing for us. Yikes.

So far, I definitely would not buy any more until more functionality, and the ability to slow. The stuff dramatically down is available.


Hmmm now it may look fast because you have the strip together .

When you install them to your walls and set up marquee and set the speed to slow it should be slow and see if that makes a difference

I will post a video of what mine look like with marquee and slow later

I just found this video that provides a lot more information on the set up of the light strip pro. Some of the features in this video don’t seem to be on my Wyze app.???
I especially like being able to click directly on the light strip, and actually change the individual 16 component light colours.

Wyze Strip Pro functionality.

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You are right , I have mine set to the lowest speed and it still kinda looks a bit too quick now that I’ve looked at it it

I rarely use this mode but yes it really isn’t that slow .

I have it set to marquee and and speed is set to SLOW

I just went messing with the effects and the slowest effects I saw were WATER and starlight . Try these two and see if you like them better ? @tc10

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Not sure, but it seems the intended audience for these light strip pros is night clubs and equivalent.


Came here to make the same comments. See if there is a way to set what Im talking about. I dont need a slow/fast speed for the lights changing colors, I need a speed setting of the transition itself.
Id like a slow gradually fading “breathing” setting. The color shift right now is so jarring, its a distraction, and not just adding to the “mood”.


Agreed. Currently very jarring. Need slow & Smooth.


I would not buy again, also I noticed the music mode effect is extremely delayed against the beat. So it just looks messy. Pretty disappointed in these to be honest. Also, I can’t select certain portions of the lightstrip to change either.

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I am in agreement with most of the above comments. Considering the expense and complexity, you can’t program these to a pleasingly slow paced color sweep. Hugely disappointing.


I put my light strip back in the box when I saw that the show fade ability was not there… It was the reason I bought the light strip for my home. No night club here! It seems that would be a software fix, which is why I’ve kept the box.

Has anyone tried it lately to see if there has been any update?

Tbh, seems they haven’t invested in their app or adding features in quite a while. So unfortunately nothing has changed.

Too bad.

I was hoping it was a simple parameter change to give more time delay for slow …

I expect as has been mentioned a few times that the challenge is resourcing.
Having worked with smaller companies in the past I’ve seen 1st hand the challenges of assigning limited resources.

Only a few people have voted for this change, so it makes it difficult for them to throw resources on it.