Light Strip Pro - Allow for a much slower transition (Speed slider/setting) for Effects

Please make a programming change to allow for a much slower slow for the strip lights pro in automation modes. The transitions are far too fast. They are fine for a disco or clubs, but not for Christmas light or relaxed mood in home.

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Agreed, I have mine mounted inside on my two front windows facing out with small clear clips.

a slow to very slow transition would be most useful for Christmas. Without that, I leave them just as a static White with no transitions.



Could not agree more I have them in my office at work and the slowest speed is far too fast. We have another cheap set that slowly fades in and out of colors but it’s the type that the whole strip changes the same color at the same time. I was hoping for a slow color change but with the segmenting that the pro allows. The available options are far too aggressive and way too fast.


Agreed. Not sure why slow is not slow.

I can hardly see the difference between slow and fast. Not sure what Wyze intent of this speed setting is on the #light-strip-pro and #light-strip if slow is not slow.

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Sidebar: since the slow transition does not work,
I currently have a light strip in each of my 2 large front bay :blue_heart::yellow_heart:windows.
One is set to blue :blue_heart:and the other is set to yellow :yellow_heart: in support of Ukraine and a safer world as we come up to the start of a New Year 2023! Peace :pray:.

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Anyone found a way to slow down the effect. Way to fast.

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Agreed, I’m not sure what Wyze’s intent to have these high speed transitions is???

Does anyone know why Wyze transitions are so fast?