Light Strip Pro - Allow for a much slower transition (Speed slider/setting) for Effects

Please make a programming change to allow for a much slower slow for the strip lights pro in automation modes. The transitions are far too fast. They are fine for a disco or clubs, but not for Christmas light or relaxed mood in home.

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Agreed, I have mine mounted inside on my two front windows facing out with small clear clips.

a slow to very slow transition would be most useful for Christmas. Without that, I leave them just as a static White with no transitions.



Could not agree more I have them in my office at work and the slowest speed is far too fast. We have another cheap set that slowly fades in and out of colors but it’s the type that the whole strip changes the same color at the same time. I was hoping for a slow color change but with the segmenting that the pro allows. The available options are far too aggressive and way too fast.


Agreed. Not sure why slow is not slow.

I can hardly see the difference between slow and fast. Not sure what Wyze intent of this speed setting is on the #light-strip-pro and #light-strip if slow is not slow.

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Sidebar: since the slow transition does not work,
I currently have a light strip in each of my 2 large front bay :blue_heart::yellow_heart:windows.
One is set to blue :blue_heart:and the other is set to yellow :yellow_heart: in support of Ukraine and a safer world as we come up to the start of a New Year 2023! Peace :pray:.


Anyone found a way to slow down the effect. Way to fast.

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Agreed, I’m not sure what Wyze’s intent to have these high speed transitions is???

Does anyone know why Wyze transitions are so fast?

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Dear Wyze Team,

I am writing to share my experience and feedback as a committed user of your products. Over time, I’ve built up a collection that includes your cameras, sensors, headphones, earbuds, bulbs, and light strips. My continued investment in your range reflects my trust and satisfaction in the Wyze brand.

However, I’ve noticed a concerning trend regarding updates, particularly for non-camera products. As an early adopter, my expectation was ongoing support and enhancement across all product lines, but this seems to have fallen short. It appears there has been a significant lapse in app updates for these products, with over a year passing without notable improvements.

I would like to specifically address an issue with the light strips. The effects settings, even at their slowest, are excessively fast. This diminishes the potential for a pleasant, aesthetic lighting experience, as the rapid effects can be more distracting than enhancing. Consequently, I find myself resorting to static colors to avoid this issue.

A substantial improvement, in my opinion, would be the introduction of a much slower setting for these effects. This change would offer a more subtle, less intrusive ambiance, increasing the utility and appeal of the light strips in various settings and moods.

I hope my feedback is helpful and contributes to future enhancements in your product line. I look forward to seeing continuous improvements that match the high standards your brand has set.

Best regards,


1000% agreement on the Light Strips. I posted on this over a year ago…
Perhaps Fixing the “slow to fast” for Light Strip could be considered as a Fix-it Friday. The difference is currently insignificant. Seems like a programming glitch??

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In the most recent AMA, I did ask about updating products.

And in a recent Open Letter to Wyze, much like you just made, I also mentioned how my vision for Wyze would be for them to continue to provide improvements and updates

They did respond about continuing updates in general.

The summary is that they have continued to do updates when high-impact bugs are brought to their attention through Fix-it-Friday, but in 2023 they focussed more on getting the other non-camera products to be “stable” (adding new features usually introduces more instability that needs to be worked through). So they mostly paused adding a lot of new feature updates to most products.

I believe they do intend to get back to doing other fun stuff in the longterm.

Regardless, your letter here is a great support to the same thing I wrote them in the open letter I linked to above. I think they have been really responsive and open to feedback and you sharing that will be helpful for everyone. Thanks for the time and thought you put into it.


:raised_hands: Wow that post is amazing! Thank you for taking the time to spell it out in such detail for us who don’t have the time. Really happy to see the Wyze team is paying attention and making an effort to get back to making updates to their other products. I feel confident that I can/should continue to buy their products.


I believe they will mostly stay focussed on Cameras and AI for at least a good part of 2024, and then if/when they feel things are good and secure in that core area of their business, I believe they will get back to doing more fun stuff again. They got a lot of other feedback from users to prioritize and secure their foundation and core first, so that is what they are working to do now.

Of course, I don’t speak for or represent Wyze myself, but, as you can see, I have been asking them lots of questions and such on behalf of their users, like you (and myself too), and that is the overall message I am hearing from them. I feel pretty optimistic from the things I am hearing overall. :slight_smile:

Sadly, I’m guessing it likely means no new updates on this Light Strip Pro, at least for a while (and I have like 7 of them), but we can hope they will revisit such things once they feel their core is secure. After all, at least they marked it as “Maybe Later” and not as “Probably Not”…but it is reassuring to hear their rationales for why they have been moving in the direction they have are pretty reasonable for their long-term sustainability. I can understand wanting stability and a feeling of a secure core first foremost. I’m just anxious in wanting all the really fun stuff ASAP too. :joy:

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I hear you BUT … :smiley:

… we have a simple Fixit Friday fix!!! maybe ???.. … …

Change the parameter for “Slow” !!

Sadly, no, Fix-it-Friday is only for bugs…things that are not currently working as originally designed/intended. Anything else is considered a “Feature request” and does not qualify for Fix-it-Friday events. Even if a feature request gets the most likes in that thread, it is automatically disqualified from the Fix-it-Friday event because they are solely looking for the “highest-impact bugs.”

As stated, the wishlist is for feature requests, and Fix-it-Friday is for bugs. BUT likes on wishlist requests do have a big impact, as does activity, such as us commenting on here recently to show there is still interest. But other things also matter, including how easy to implement it would be, cost, resources, how many people would use it, etc. So something easy to implement can sometimes jump the line even if it has fewer votes like this. So there are multiple factors that go into it. But Fix-it-Friday is not one of them since it’s not technically considered an unintended high-impact bug.

Still, you have a good idea. It does seem like they could just lower the minimum speed range to make this work. Hopefully that means it would be a fairly easy thing to add. I don’t know how it’s coded or setup, but seems like a reasonably straightforward thing to adjust.



And I do understand their workload and priorities for available resources.

Your explanations are very helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

And only 10 votes so very low on list …

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I just happened across this topic and bumped it to 12. I haven’t played with the transitions a lot, but thinking about another LED device I have that cycles light colors s-l-o-w-l-y, I can definitely see a use case for changes that are more soothing (especially if they’re color fades) and less abrupt, so this gets my vote.

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Thank you for insights which I did read thru at the time.

… Revisiting… now that year of cam is over for a few months …

Having fast speed and slow speed almost identical (both very fast (strobe-like)) to me is a bug that still needs fixing…

It probably required a minor change to the coding set points to slow down slow … and would make the strip light product functionality useable rather than … just turned off

Thank you!

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Previously, the founders indicated that they were planning to mostly extend the year of the camera into 2024 too, though they would be doing a lot with AI, etc.

But there is hope. Dave has indicated that when they get Cash Flow positive, then they can have freedom for doing other things. Something similar was stated in that same letter:

And Wyze recently announced that they finally had their first cashflow positive quarter in Q1 2024. So, that now gives them a little more freedom to start considering doing other things. I am guessing that most of this summer and early fall are already decided on their roadmap though…and those would’ve almost certainly been related to their original early goals.

Hopefully now that they are cashflow positive they can revisit a lot of these other things toward the end of the year. I suspect this one in particular won’t be at the top of their list since it only has 12 votes, but it’s possible since it SEEMS to me like it might be an easy one to implement, so it could skip ahead if it isn’t that complex and doesn’t take a lot of resources.

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Yes, I have learned lesson not to buy Wyze “secondary” products as they may not be ‘taken care of’ like their tier 1 (cams, ??) products.
It makes sense as with their cashflow status, they have limited breadth.
Light Strips are not a big deal so I will look elsewhere for them this year.
I definitely prefer focus on Cam & AI functionality which hopefully includes rules (& Alexa) update.