What are the new "effects outside of music mode" for the Light Strips?

This firmware release mentions “effects outside of music mode” for the Light Strips.

For the Light Strip Pro in particular, what exactly does this feature entail?
I do not own the product, so I cannot just go into the app and check out the feature. I am a possible customer and this feature is a key decision point in buying. Since it is not documented on the Wyze support site, can anyone describe in as much detail as possible what all of the options are for this feature?

From a screen shot of the updated app that I saw, here are my questions:
I assume this feature means that now not only can the 16 sections of the strip be set to 16 different static colors, but that those colors can be configured to dynamically change based on something OTHER than music. E.g. just based on a timing pattern. So it looks like the top-level options are Flicker, Marquee, and “Color Focus” , and that Marquee (with Music Mode OFF) has a speed adjustment and different directions (indicated by arrow patterns), and something called “auto color” (?). So, what do all of those things for Marquee do (in particular what are the full set of directions, their meanings, and what is “auto color”). And then for Flicker, what is that? Just flashing? What is “Color Focus”? (all in the context of music mode OFF).

Prior to this new feature, my understanding is that the only way for the light strip to animate (change color/state dynamically) was in relation to music it hears.

Also, I’m assuming the Design and Scenes sections/tabs are for static (not animated) options, but I dunno. Do these new features allow the strip to (for example) be set to alternate between two different hand-picked color patterns? So if I wanted the left 8 sections of the strip to be red and the right 8 to be blue and for those to switch to all 16 being green and then back again to 8 red + 8 blue every 1 second, can that be done? Basically a custom animated sequence.

Either screenshots or a written description or even a video screen capture would be great.