Editing colors in the music modes on light strip pro

Is there any way to edit the colors used on the light strips during the music modes so they only display specific colors? For example can you choose the 4 colors used in color focus?

I’ve tried editing the colors in the app but it doesn’t seem to sync with what happens on the strip. Everything is updated software-wise.

Welcome to the forum @shelbyv7.

The colors you select should apply during the music mode.

I have seen them take a moment to apply.

Try turning the strips off from the app, edit your colors, then turn them back in and see if they apply

Thanks for the help! It seems to be working for some effects, but not all of them. Are there certain ones that are non-customizable?

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You are most welcome.

If auto color is off, as shown below, the effects should (and is supposed to) follow the custom color.

By chance do you have the strips in a bulb group?

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Nope no groups and my settings match and I’m still getting the default colors. It does seem to happen on the ones that aren’t flashes, but more chases. The flashes are following the colors set.