Having trouble programing Wyze Light Strip Pro to show multiple colors

We purchased two Light Strip Pro’s, they powered up and we can change colors. They work on music but we can’t get them to display multiple colors. The boxes say they are the pro and they are plastic coated so they are the pro series. Any Ideas?? We read the board and did not find anyone else with this issue.


Hello, everyone! I ordered the Wyze Lightstrip pro and can’t seem to figure out how to select a couple of colors and have the light fade in and out between them? Does anyone know where to find the user manual for this thing? Mine didn’t come with anything that explained anything?

Full disclosure, my expectation of this stems from owning the light strip that I purchased at Costco which is Feit Electric brand


Having issues myself. I was under the impression we could do cool addressable effects or edits zones etc. I’m sure this is software limitation because my son’s $20 Amazon no name can do some cool effects without music. Wyze what’s going on!?


I would settle for an instruction manual that explains all of the settings, but ideally I would like to control the light with all of the same functionality without the music option


I would love them to add an interface to make your own custom effects. I’ve seen apps show this with like 10 dots or so to represent the leds and have you adjust the pattern to your liking. I was hoping to get that instead of music presets. For example if I wanted to program the night rider look I can select red and the ping pong effect with a white base color and adjust the speed. My son has a cheap LED strip from Amazon that lets you do that.

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We purchased these for Holiday usage, Halloween we could use orange and purple alternating in the 16 segments and for Christmas, we could use red and green. The web site says you can program up to 16 segments on the string, I found a place where I can see 16 check marks on a box but no place to select colors or save boxes. What gives Wyze, is the software half baked?

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Need music or some noise to make lights change… you can definitely select different zones on the strip by tapping the light icon and selecting a zone and color. There are videos on YouTube explaining all the functions, search people. You have the internet remember…

Just my opinion, but you shouldn’t have to search the internet for YouTube videos by third parties showing you how to use or configure Wyze products. That should be in a manual or user guide provided by Wyze or at least on their website.


Wow. Seriously All I can say… good luck with that…for everything you buy, own, or work on in the future.

I’m not opposed to looking around for things, but there should at least be online documentation of what the 10 menu options with 3 sub-menus translates to as a user experience, especially when you’re using a unique nomenclature.

Just my two cents


If your customer/user has to search to figure out how to do something like a common task in your application typically that is bad UI/UX design. You try to eliminate as much guess work as possible and create a journey that makes sense to the end user.

-UI/UX Designer with over 15 years experience.


Not sure what products you purchase, but everything I buy either has a manual, user guide or online link to documentation. There are some things not covered by that and when I can’t find what I need there I go searching. Just saying basic information should be available directly from the manufacturer, not some third party.


Why in earth would they have it that you must have music playing in order for you to be able to have the strip show more than one color? I want this going throughout the evening and not have a room dark just because I don’t have music playing. I want to have it do some effects like @Webwolf20 was saying for holidays.

It’s frustrating when you have $15 strip from amazon that are easier to use and have more options out of the box. These have way more potential, but it needs the software and app support to do it.

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I wouldn’t worry about it… they’ll come out with an update to include this option

The bigger they get, the less and less likely they do things like this.

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Not counting on it. We’ve been waiting for 90° turn ability on the cameras for…how long have they been out?

Similar note on customization, but being able to turn off sections would be nice. That way without having to cut the strip and waste certain lengths, I can maybe just let it go up/around/through an object and turn off that section.

If you hard press on the light strip in the app, it will bring up an interface where you can pick light colors per chosen segment. Not the smoothest interface and I can’t see how to save multiple custom themes (christmas, halloween, etc.) but it does show multiple colors.


Still waiting for this elusive update lol

Currently, this only works if you have music playing and the changes with the music. I heard they are working on light transitions without music.