Wyze Strip Pro - oh yeah!

Got my 32 ft of Wyze Strip Pro today. I immediately went to work getting to know it.

Mini-Review: Love the lights… I’m currently using them to make a Cloud-Christmas Tree on a Wal-Mart lamp w/a Color Bulb on top. Basically…the cloud ceiling w/LED thing on Tik-Tok… but on a lamp. The lights are installed and I’ve run them through a bunch of tests with music (that’s my favorite mode by far… see complaint below). The different effects and colors are beautiful and it does react to the music very very well. Overall… I’m VERY happy with my $41 purchase. The epoxy coating really helps when handling them. They don’t feel cheap at all. Note… they are TWO - 16 ft segments. Split in the middle by the controller… the controller has accounted for this, by controlling how it can control light direction (backwards, forwards, split, very impressive feature to do that). You will have to account for that in your physical placement though.

Wishlist: Please put an “always on” feature for all the cool effects… instead of “music-activated-only”. I feel like that limits the strip. It does pick up a lot of sound so it seems to keep moving but I don’t know that for sure yet.

Also, Rules… Wyze, you know your rules need improved… let me do more than turn it on or off… at least let me use a Scene that is programmed to be a “Marquee” on the Light Strip Pro… The same complaint goes for the Color Bulbs… Please allow for Scenes in the Rules.

And 1 more complaint… change the grouping the in the app from “Devices” to “Rooms”. It makes more sense to control a Room in a smart home than a series of devices. My app screen looks like Radio Shack 2021 exploded on there…

Overall, the light strips are totally worth it and I have immediately absorbed them into my personal Wyze EcoSystem. A+ I look forward to new features!


So… Here is my creation. A cloud lamp!

“Riders on the Storm” was playing when I filmed this.

Creating a device group with a color bulb (at the top of the lamp) made it sync to the music! I am very happy with it!



I know how busy Gwendolyn gets helping everyone out that can be helped but man do I want to throw a tag in here…but know how much roaming Gwendolyn does, I know it will be seen eventually! :slight_smile:


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I like it. It looks like the Blob got put in timeout after eating the cat’s catnip and all the mistletoe in your house. :grinning:

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So i wonder if the Wyze pro strip can be programmed, like to vary colors while they are one. it’d be nice to use them for Christmas, if the colors say could switch smoothly from red to green, etc. But i haven’t seen anything that might let me do this.

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You can set the color cycling palette. Red and green only for example.

I’m not sure what that is. i don’t see any option for color cycling in the settings for the pro strip. Where can one set a cycling profile?

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I was under the impression you could edit zones or effects and have them loop without music. How can I do color cycles or edit these effects?

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  1. Make a Light Strip Group in the app.
  2. Add the Light Strip and any Color Bulb you have (they will sync to music using the light strip).
  3. You will click the Strip and the Color Bulb… to make them be selected… then click MUSIC (see picture).
  4. You will LONG press the strip to customize the strip to colors …
  5. You will notice along the bar with Music is “Design and Scenes”. That is where you setup static lighting schemes.
  6. You will also see at the bottom that there is a color sequence that you can customize for the “music” effect that you have chosen. Red & Green for Christmas for example.


One thing I have noticed… and it just occurred to me… my review is slightly wrong. It relates to the flow and direction of the lights.

And I think this may be where the 16 ft - Pro owners are seeing the “out - of - sync” thing.

The light strips use the following flow with the lights for all the ‘fancy’ music modes…

Straight - This means the lights go from one end of the strip to the other… the entire length. Starting at a tip going to the controller and out the other segment and to the tip of that segment. But ONLY 1 specific direction. You can NOT reverse this. I think this is variable in the light sequences because Segment A will always FLOW from the tip to the controller in this mode. Segment B. will always FLOW from the controller to the tip. The 16 ft Pro owners will have a different effect depending on which leg they plug into and where that is physically placed in relation to the 32 ft segment… Before making my “award-winning” cloud lamp… I did NOT set all 64 ft of segments side-by-side to observe this in-sync.

I have NO idea how this works… but now I want a 3rd set just so I can play with it and figure it out!

Gathered mode - This means the lights travel from the tips to the controller. Inward.

Dispersive mode - This means the lights travel from the controller to the tips. Outward.

How does it look when 64 feet are in-sync? Do the lights flow to each other properly… i.e. if placed in a room on all 4 walls?

Inquiring Earls want to know!

You need music for any effect correct? I couldn’t just program a white strip with a red ping pong effect or even the music ones but looping?

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Yes… you ALWAYS need music. Big Thumbs Down on this feature.

I do happen to have speakers in my house and play music a lot so I benefit from it but it’s not fair for others… and also, I don’t always play music and have noticed I want them to blink just because.


Really cool! Looks like a cloudmas tree! :grin:


Dude (or Dudette), you win. It shall be named “Cloudmas Tree” from henceforth on!


Love it!
I’m waiting for the lights to restocked so I can get some :star_struck: so jelly