Wyze LED Smart Light strips

Would love to see Wyze do waterproof LED light strips for under kitchen cabinets or for outside landscaping. Phillips Hue & Lifx are way over priced and I’m just not sure about other brands I see on Amazon.

I agree completely, would love to have some color changing led light strips - until this happens (currently marked as “maybe-later” so not holding my breath) I can recommend the below option. They have a 16.4 ft option for 30$ or 32.8 for 47$. The app is easy to use, I have used them with Alexa, Google home, and IFTTT (actually have these linked to my Wyze door sensor through IFTTT and it works great)


I have seen these in my many searches for LED light strips, but have yet to pull the trigger. I was hoping to find RGBW LED strips. Are these RGBW or just RGB ?

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Those ones are just RGB - if I were to get RGBW i would probably get the ones below, however i have not tried these out, but they use the same app as mine so IFTTT, Alexa, and Google Home should work the same



I hope Wyze does something like this. I was waiting for the TP-Link one to launch and see the price on it but it still says Coming Summer 2019 and Summer is over.

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Even if they didn’t offer led strips if they had a 5 pin rgbw and 4 pin rgb smart controller module so you could make your cheap led strips smart that would be excellent.

I already have led strips installed and plugged into a smart outlet but the ability to actually control their colors and patterns without another remote and automate them is something I would love to have.


I would love to have a set of Wyze LED light strips. Hope the research is going well. I need em now. Lol


Wyze LED smart light strips would be cool! Hope they are being considered! :slight_smile:


I feel like Wyze is one of the best in the business and I hate having multiple branded products because then I have to learn to integrate with multiple apps. I am currently using Govee Smart lights for smart RGB Lighting but I want Wyze to get a LED light strip going. I understand its a lot to ask for with the release of 3 new products coming out soon, but if I am going to stick with Wyze I NEED MORE :smile: I have like 30+ Wyze products I am not going anywhere anytime soon! Do your thing Wyze :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would like to have a fully integrated wyze smart home. I would like to be able to place some lighting strips above the cabinets in the kitchen or anywhere else in my home. would be great with alexa or google!


A Wyze light strip would be great. I’d love to replace our under cabinet lighting with something a little more slick. All of the other offering I have found are very pricey.


I’d love Wyze LED strip lights! I have both “no name” and Phillips Hue, and I can’t believe how expensive the Hue lights are. Wyze, keep disrupting the market with great products for way less money than the competition! By the way, individually addressable LEDs would be ideal if possible!


Make RGB Warm White LED strips with 5050 chips and IP65 rating so we have full control of the visible light spectrum anywhere,
-they could be used in party mode.
-change to a diferent color depending on the weather outside.
-make them change from cool white to warm white and vise versa in dusk and dawn.
-They can be installed everywhere, under cabinets, behind tvs, around windows, under beds, in clossets, INSIDE cabinets, ect.
-commercial use for restaurants, bars, stores


My ideal wyze light strip:

  1. RGBCWWW currently there are no good options on the market for lights that are multifunctional. I don’t want the blue fake white color, I want true whites when I’m working in the kitchen, but then option for red when I’m up late.

  2. easily customizable lengths! Too many companies let you add length, but say I want to jump a gap over stove I’m out of luck. Or if I need to add a corner piece.

  3. vibrant! If my lights are 100% on I shouldn’t be left wanting them brighter.

  4. the app to allow me to pick color values instead of just a spot on a color wheel.

  5. opts to have different scenes. I want the lights to blink one color when my mail box sensor opens, and a different color if my timer goes off.

  6. since I’m asking wyze to do it: play nicely with your other products. Do you know how many deaf people struggle to find lights that play nicely with a smart door bell or a received text message? You have a chance to be a hero in the ADA community by just doing the right thing. I would love to have it work so if my wyze door bell is pushed it changes my lights, or what about if my cameras detect a person the can trigger a scene where my lights flash. Options here are endless. Could you imagine being able to assign an led node per a device? Now I can trigger my bedtime routine and I can see sensors 1 ,2,3 open so I have a quick visual of what needs to close


Inovelli beat you guys to the punch! They hit 5/6 so far. We will see how nicely it plays with others since they don’t do any of their own apps


Would really like to see this come to fruition.

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Hello! Wyze PM here… I’d love to hear some examples of how you all would plan to use these in both indoor and outdoor environments. Specifically I’m looking for your intended use case (where you’d place them), how you’d anticipate controlling them, and how long you’d need the strip to be.


Hi Mike, I’m thinking of a few use cases, incl:


  • Backlight when using a blurred/bokeh setting on video calls;
  • Backlight for TV

Outdoors, mostly for camping scenarios…

  • Around campsite
  • Inside my rooftop tent

I have an odd use case for you, I currently have an LED strip in my kid’s drum set to trick it out. So if you make an LED strip, I would love to have a battery back option, particularly where it can be recharged via USB so I don’t have to keep buying AA batteries. I would imagine I control it in the Wyze app. The strip I used for one drum head was only 2m. Here’s a link if you want all the specs: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BLQP2ZX/

Bonus points if you’re able to integrate the color changing feature to sync with music. As a reference point, I have Sunco WiFi color LED bulbs that allow me to do that through the SmartLife app. Here’s a link to the color LED bulb for reference too in case you’re curious: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07NVXJLLY/

For other use cases, I would probably put some illumination on my kitchen island. If a battery pack version is created (with Bluetooth capabilities), I would definitely use them in my shed. If you make them weather proof, I would probably line the backboard on my basketball hoop too. That’s all the ideas I got for now, I hope that helps.

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Alright Wyze Mike let’s talk!!

I like them indoors, for me they are an extension of a cue. So I need like that reflect that. They have to sync with Alexa, or home kit. So that I can use them as an alert. The ability to run different scenes is also a much needed quality. Lengths get tricky. I like how Inovelli made their strip where it clips together, but I feel trapt because I ever have to use 12 or 6 inches. So if they are going to be segmented it would be nice to see a shorter option as well. Uv resistance would be great. I’m in the PNW so I like to put them in window frames so when curtains closed we can fake lighting.

I also use them as a alarms clock and nightlight. Using the wyze motion sensor so at night the light is only on if I get up. And turns back off when I get back to bed.

If they could be outdoors I would put them around my trash area. First to help see but again tied to calendar so my kids knew which cans needed to go out.