Wyze Light Strip: The Ultimate Set-your-vibe Light - 7/13/21

Introducing Wyze Light Strip and Wyze Light Strip Pro, the ultimate set-your-vibe addition to the Wyze lighting family. With 16 million colors, a trimmable design and brand new features like Music Mode and Sun Match, it’s never been easier (or more fun) to light up every corner of your home. Customize your vibe, color your world with Wyze Light Strip and Wyze Light Strip Pro.

Please join us from 9:30 - 10:30 AM Pacific for an Instagram live demo and chance to win Wyze products and discount codes! :sunglasses:


#1 Question - Will this be able to manipulated with Rules?

#2 Question - Can I control the lights using Google?

With the color bulb situation still in limbo as far as changing the bulbs colors using Rules… How does this light strip stand apart from the rest on the internet in terms of control?

I use motion sensors to trigger lights and would probably do the same with these.


Yes and yes!

Also, you should check the Wyze app for setting colors in Rules again. :wink:


I think there is an error on the Pro Specs page. In the “Single or Multicolor” section it lists “Single”. I think it should state “Multicolor”.

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With the ability to control sections of the lights on the Pro model, can I not light some sections. In my use case, I want to mount them under the kitchen cabinets, But there is a gap over the sink. So I want to go above the sink and come back down to light the last cabinet over the counter.

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This may be a stupid question but is whatever you trim off unusable? For example, can you cut the 32ft into 2 workable 16ft?

Just what we need — another product that doesn’t meet CSA standards, so is incompatible with the rest of the IOT world. Gledopto and other strips and controllers are cheaper, more versatile and work with almost everything. No standards? No purchases going forward.

I ordered the 32ft pro set looking forward to September. :grinning:

The 32ft light strip is actually two separate 16ft strips that connect to a dual/split power cord.


You posted this/ invited us to a live event 12 minutes before you went live. Didn’t get the email til 12:34PM EST (after the event was over)… I would’ve joined if I knew.

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Does everyone just happen to have a ton of conveniently placed plug points for each such device in their house or am I missing some trick? While all these new devices are great, the wire and adaptors turn out to be an eyesore or do not exist where I need them :frowning:

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Well , that means you need to figure out where you are going to plug the device in before you purchase it

Two questions:

  1. Is there a power switch or do I need to carry my phone into every room that I want to turn the lights on?
  2. If i get two of these can I turn on both strips with the power switch on one if they have a switch, like on the night light so I can mount them under kitchen cabinets in different areas of the kitchen and only have to turn on one?

Will these be suitable for outdoor use? Waterproof?


Would using these as under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen be practical? What else do I need to consider? Thanks.

I read the specs and the 32 foot model is actually 2 16 foot lengths with a controller in the middle.

I suspect anything that is trimmed off cannot be used. But that is a good question.

No, they are rated indoor use only.

Sorry, lots of questions that aren’t answered, or not fully…

Can someone confirm that the Pro 32ft is two fully-capable strips - which means you can control 32 segments rather than 16 segments that are twice as long?

If so, can the two strips be separated - two full strips that can be used separately, likely adding your own power extension - or do they share a controller and can’t be separated and stay functional?

How do they get power - from the middle, end, multiple options? Is there a large block permanently attached so that most installations will lose the usefulness of part of the strip in routing - like most Christmas lights are? Or can you mount the strip exactly where you want it and connect a concealed cable?

How often are the cut points?

Is a waterproof / weather-resistant version planned? I’d like something like this on outdoor steps and sidewalks.

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It looks like the LED chips are rather obvious unless the strip is installed concealed, for indirect lighting, but it seems most are that way. It also seems odd to have exposed component identification (R1 L2 R4 C2) on your walls. It seems it would look more “finished” with a diffuser strip over it - like room lighting usually has. Any thoughts?