Wyze Light Strip & Wyze Light Strip Pro 6/28/2022

By popular request, Wyze Light Strip firmware and Wyze Light Strip Pro firmware are releasing today with support for a blinking light Rule! While we were at it, we also improved connectivity. :bulb:

Read our Release Notes:


Does the Wyze Light Strip Pro allow for the individual segments to be controlled separately by the rules… i.e… can I blink just one segment?

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That is not yet a feature, I am trying to see if that is something they would be able to pull off in a future upgrade.


I would love this. I got the pro strip because “16 customizable segments” only to find that I can’t customize them. It’s whole controller and that’s it.

It was super disappointing not to be able to make my own, and even more disappointing to find that the scenes don’t mix colors on the strands, so my living room is like having a color bulb on each side of the room.

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I would also love a boat friendly, Waterproof version of the wyze pro color strip. I would certainly demo it for everyone!