Wyze Strip Light Pro and Rules

The Wyze Strip Light Pro has 16 customizable segments, Can each of those segments be controlled by Rules in the same way if I had 16 individual Wyze Color bulbs?

Reason for asking, is, I have four color lights that I currently control via rules when certain things occur within my Wyze Eco System.

Such as Refrigerator left open: Flash two of those bulbs red (five times) followed by same two bulbs on to red at 50% until and then turned off when the Refridgerator Door is closed.

I use activity at my Wyze Video Doorbell to light one light Red.

Another activity is if a critter (raccoon, lizard, coyote etc) is detected by a V3 or WCO in the backyard… the Wyze Color light facing that side of the house… turns on to ‘green’, and then off 45 seconds later.

The four bulbs I have…. and all of the different rules I’m using, I’m thinking if I have 16 segments on a Light Strip Pro…. I could get even more ‘creative’ with my rules.

Is this possible?


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Hi nixhome,

Could you please provide me with more detail on the rules you would like to create with strip light pro? In me testing demo here, each every segment of 16 total can be set its unique way of display like different color, scenes or music mode. However there is no options to control each segment under rules. In rules the whole strip light works as one unit.


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Hello @WyzeDesmond

I’d like to be able to use the Wyze Pro Strip Light in a way that a rule can utilize one (or more) of those sixteen sections. Sort of treat them like sixteen different wyze color lights would do the trick.

I was thinking if the app can control those 16 individual segments, why not let wyze Rules/Schedules be able to control them as well?


I agree with you that it will be a very cool feature if we could add each individual control into the rules. I would suggest you put the request here Wishlist - Wyze Forum

I will also send this request to the team. Thanks again for the advice!

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Hello @WyzeDesmond I’ve submitted a Wishlist as requested, hopefully it doesn’t get lost in the Mosh Pit of Multitudes of Rules Wishlist items that it has been sent to: Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

On a side note, I feel that this specific wishlist is sort of like where all the Misfit Toys are sent… I feel this will potentially get lost on that Island of Misfit Toys.

I want to purchase the a couple of the light strip pro’s, but will have to wait until I see this feature is more than pipe dream :frowning:


@WyzeDesmond I purchased a couple of the Light Strip Pro’s during Wyze Week, is there any progress on exposing the 16 individual segments of a light Strip Pro to Wyze Rules?


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