Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

With the amount of products being released growing and the requests for more Wyze Rule Actions, we have consolidated them here.

This list is for Wyze Rule Actions (things that can be caused by a Wyze Rule Schedule, Shortcut or Device Trigger). For more Wyze Rule Device Triggers, see this related topic: Add More Triggers for Wyze Rules.

Please click VOTE at the top to indicate your desire for more Wyze Rule Actions. You can reply to this topic with thoughts on which of these are most important to you, We understand that having these requests consolidated in a single Wishlist topic means that you can’t vote on them individually. That is why commenting about your favorites, use cases, and personal significance is important. Wyze will consider those comments in prioritizing implementation.

Existing Rule Actions:


  • Turn on/off device (Privacy Mode for Cam Pan v3)
  • Upload a short video to the cloud
  • Restart the camera
  • Turn on/off motion detection
  • Turn on/off notifications (per camera/sensor and globally)
  • Reset position (all Cam Pan models)
  • Turn on/off siren (cam models with siren feature)
  • Turn on/off integrated spotlight & user-defined on-period up to 60 minutes (cam models with integrated spotlight)
  • Turn on/off Spotlight (Cam v3 only)
  • Turn on/off Lamp Socket (Cam v3 and Cam v4 only)
  • Turn on/off Floodlight
  • Turn Floodlight Pro Motion Warning on/off
  • Turn on/off the camera (For all Video Doorbell models, especially the VDBv2)

Lights / Switches / Plugs

  • Set brightness/color temperature (Bulbs & Light Strips)
  • Set color selection (Bulb Color & Light Strips)
  • Initiate color blink with user-selected color (Bulb Color & Light Strips)
  • Initiate color blink for lighting product groups
  • Initiate color temperature blink with user-selected temperature (Bulb v1, Bulb White (Bulb v2))
  • Initiate color temperature blink for lighting product groups
  • Turn on/off Sun Match (all lighting products)
  • Switch - turn on, off & user-defined period up to 60 minutes
  • Plug - turn on, off & user-defined period up to 60 minutes
  • Plug Outdoor - turn on, off & user-defined period up to 60 minutes

Connected Home

  • Air Purifier - turn on to Auto/Sleep modes
  • Air Purifier - turn On/Off LED display on physical device
  • Garage Door Controller - Close
  • Robot Vacuum - start to clean
  • Robot Vacuum - stop cleaning and return to charging station
  • Thermostat - turn on Heat/Cool mode
  • Thermostat - turn on/off mode
  • Thermostat - set to Home/Away/Sleep
  • Thermostat - turn notifications on/off

Requested Rule Actions / Triggers:


  • Turn on/off sound detection
  • Change motion/sound detection sensitivity 0-100
  • Delete all alert clips for camera
  • Turn Pan Scan on/off
  • Turn Motion Tracking on/off
  • Night vision on/off/auto
  • Infrared (IR) emitters on/off
  • Detection zone on/off
  • Save a still image
  • Sync camera time (any or all)
  • Change SD card record mode: Off, Event Only, Continuous
  • An “All camera” group under Device Actions (instead of having to add each camera’s action individually) [NOTE: actions can now be performed on user-defined groups]
  • Cam Pan: move to a specific camera memorized position or waypoint
  • Tell Alexa or Google device to show camera
  • Disable/Enable AI Detection type (Person, Vehicle, Pet, Package, etc.)
  • Disable/Enable AI Notification type (Person, Vehicle, Pet, Package, etc.)
  • Record an event to the SD card (even if no motion is detected)
  • Change camera resolution HD/SD/360p (any or all cameras)
  • Display camera feed in app on tablet device
  • Trigger start of a pre-defined time lapse video capture
  • Change detection sensitivity
  • Turn camera notification(s) off for X minutes
  • Share cam according to a rule schedule
  • Turn on/off device status light
  • Floodlight brightness control
  • Toggle Floodlight/Floodlight Pro Automatic (motion detected) Activation
  • Start a Scheduled Recording (WCO & WCO v2)
  • Turn Camera off for X minutes or Seconds
  • Add waypoint rule action for Cam Pans (v1, v2, v3)
  • Add an ability to stay there for X amount of time before returning to previous position
  • Turn siren on for user-defined period (cam models with siren feature)
  • Turn on/off spotlight (v4, already exists for OG and V3P)

Wyze Sense

  • Toggle notifications for Wyze Sense sensors by event type (eg. opened vs left open)
  • Toggle Smart Video Alert recording for Wyze Sense sensors (by sensor or event type)
  • HMS system mode change (Disarmed, Home, Away, Test)
  • HMS system Alarm Response (Critical Alert, Push notification, Off)

Bulbs / Plugs / Switches / Strips

  • Vacation Mode on/off (Bulbs, Light Strips and Plugs, single and group)
  • Activate a lighting Scene (Bulbs & Light Strips)
  • Change brightness/color temp/color/on/off for X minutes then return to previous state (Bulbs & Light Strips)
  • Change brightness/color temp without changing on/off state (Bulbs & Light Strips) (temporarily removed, see this: Set bulb brightness & color temp by Schedule without turning on)
  • Flash/blink on/off for a user defined period including constant (Bulbs & Light Strips)
  • Flash/blink ‘x’ number of times including constant (Bulbs & Light Strips)
  • Turn on for # (BR30 Bulb)
  • Turn Sun Match On. (BR30 Bulb)
  • Turn Sun Match Off. (BR30 Bulb)
  • Turn on for X seconds < current 1 minute minimum restriction (Wyze Switch, all plug types, all lighting product types including Floodlight, Lamp Socket, Spotlight and v3 Pro Spotlight)
  • Turn PLUG off for X

Connected Home

  • Unlock Wyze Lock
  • Activate/Deactivate Doorbell Chime
  • Video Doorbell Pro: Auto Response when doorbell is pressed
  • Robot Vacuum clean specific room
  • Sprinkler zone on/off and for X time
  • Sprinkler Controller - Add a scheduled Reboot option
  • Air Purifier - turn On (currently only allows Off/Auto)
  • Air Purifier - Set fan speed
  • Garage Door Controller - Open
  • Thermostat: add/remove Wyze Room Sensors to/from Auto Comfort
  • Thermostat - Add fan option for Auto, On, Off
  • Room Sensors - Add ability to trigger devices based on Humidity or Temperature. Similar to the Climate Sensors


  • Turn off global notifications for HH:MM hours/minutes
  • Pause/wait/delay HH:MM:SS hours/minutes/seconds
  • Add an “all devices” option for any action
  • Add and remove devices from groups
  • External HTML call
  • Toggle on/off state (all Wyze IOT devices)
  • Execute an existing Shortcut (button)
  • Enable/disable other rules (event triggers and schedules)
  • Activate/Deactivate a device’s local schedule
  • Send custom message as a push notification.
  • Retry on Error
  • Add an ability to test a newly created rule
  • Add an ability to force execute a rule
  • Allow the Garage Door Status to act as a Trigger for another Device.
  • Activate (sound) doorbell chime

If more (reasonable) suggestions are made in the comments, they will be added to the above list.

Ido love the new shortcut feature.

Need several more choices for action…

  1. Need to enable/disable sound alerts

  2. Need to Delete all Alert Notifications for a device.

What a GREAT product!!




Yes, and it is wonderful, as far as it goes.

I use it to turn on/off motion sensing all 3 camera in a second home.

I also would like to see other “actions” added ASAP like turn on/off sound detection.


Has there been a solution found to separate scheduled alerts between Sound and Motion? I also would like to add the feature where Sound and Motion have separate schedules.


The Shortcuts feature allows setting variable schedules for a variety of actions. However, turning sound detection on and off are not currently available as possible actions. If these are added to actions, then it will be possible to schedule this using shortcuts.

Please VOTE for it using the button at the top of this page.


I would like to see the option to disable/ enable pan scanning via a shortcut.


@Loki Hi Rick. Hope this makes sense.

Before we go to bed, I set our pan cam pointed at the front door with pan scanning off.

I have a shortcut for it to turn off the next morning when we wake up and get ready for work.

Another shortcut will turn on the pan cam when we leave the house but sometimes I would forget to enable pan-scanning.

I think having a shortcut to enable pan-scanning would be helpful.


Need to be able to turn On/Off/Auto the night vision mode.

The night vision threshold is too finicky for when my outdoor sensor light goes on and the cam keeps flipping back and forth between day and night mode, like a blinking kid staring at the sun. Also the pan cam tracks the mode changes as motion and keeps spazzing out moving back and forth randomly, generating random alerts.

… A night vision sensitivity slider might also help with this


I’ve added night vision on/off/auto to the list at the top.

For night vision sensitivity, please hop over and VOTE here:

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Another action that would be great, setting different motion detection areas.

I have a busy street during the day and don’t need to get alerts for every car that drives by. But at night there can be suspicious activity of people loitering, where id like to expand the detection area. It would be great if i can shift the detection areas on a schedule for night and day

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Having separate switchable detection zones would be a whole other feature request. But I’ll add detection zone on/off to the list here.

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There is a Roadmap for that. Go Vote!


Rick, request new action to add! Sync time for all cameras.


I worry about the longevity of the pan motor due to constant panning when I am away. Being able to turn pan on upon motion or sound detection (or both) would save wear and tear on the motor. Actually, this would apply not only to shortcuts, but use in general. I thought of it when setting up an “Away” shortcut (I will use it as a security device - Camera will off when home).


This, for me, is the number one improvement I’d like to see right now. It would cut down dramatically the amount of time and hassle I spend activating and deactivating certain features on my cams every time I leave or return home. Mostly it’s being able to turn on\off the pan scan, motion tracking and sound detection features. Being able to set them to activate on my automated schedule while I’m at work at night would help me keep an eye on my elderly mother. I have to disable the sound alerts until after she’s in bed or else I get tons of false alerts. I’m often either too busy at work or just forget to manually go into app to reactivate sound alerts so I can be alerted to smoke\CO alarms going off. I know that there are separate alarm settings for smoke\CO alarms, but I have tested this multiple times by manually activating my smoke alarms and I get no notifications from my V2 cam.


You may also be interested in using profiles. Saved configurations that can be loaded as needed. Check this out and consider voting.


Update all thumbnails. I know there is a roadmap for that, but it seems that might be more of an action.

Just visualizing a path Wyze could follow IF they had loadable profiles of settings, anything that simply changes the state of the setting would be updated via loading the users preferred profiles and anything requiring an action would be, well an action. Three of the existing actions (Turn on/off camera, Turn on/off camera and Turn on/off notifications (per camera and globally)), are changing settings. Two (Upload a short video to the cloud and Restart the camera) are what I would consider actions.

The addition “actions” in this roadmap can easily be recognized as profile settings vs. actions.

Turn on/off sound detection (**profile**)
Change motion/sound detection sensitivity 0-100 (**profile**)
Delete all alert clips for camera (**action**)
Turn Pan Scan on/off (**profile**)
Turn Motion Tracking on/off (**profile**)
Night vision on/off/auto (**profile**)
Detection zone on/off (**profile**)
Save a still image (**action**)
Sync camera time (any or all) (**action**)

It would be great if an active short-cut would be highlighted in the app. Currently, touching a short-cut to activate it causes it to blink a few times, but then it looks just like any other short-cut.

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I think having certain actions based on location of the user would be really helpful… similar with Reminder… location. So user is out of the house (area), turn on/off certain actions/notifications.


Why hasn’t Sound Detection On/Off added to scheduled events? Like what you can do with motion?
I would like the sound to detect when I’m gone and not when I’m at home. I have to physically go into turn off sound detection but I can schedule motion? Weird.