Contribute your ideas to Rule Templates

@QiS , just wanted to mention the one item we discussed. When in a Device settings area and there is a Rules option to select, it would be nice to see the following:

  1. Which Rules the device is actually part of, tap on it and you can review or modify it.
  2. An ability to create a rule from this location then default the trigger to the device you are coming from.

This would make things easier to adjust rules which a device is part of and streamline the creation process since you don’t need to select the trigger device if it is automatically set.

Just wanted to mention this.



That’s a good idea. I can not guarantee when it will be implemented but I’ll add it to my inbox.


I would REALLY like to able to set multiple sensors (walking past the thermostat, doors opening, cameras detection people (not animals)) and have it trigger commands. So if anything in my house sensed movement it could run a rule like turn on lights or set temperature to xyz or turn on the robotic vacuum or maybe even turn off the cameras if you have enough other sensors that could be triggered just from everyday use and not intentional use.

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Got it, The multiple triggers is in our roadmap.


Could you add the ability for triggers to activate other triggers? I have a camera that (in the span of an hour) if it detects motion it changes my bulb color from warm white to green. My issue is that I would like to say “When this trigger has happened (light turns green) begin this other trigger” Which in my case would wait a few minutes then turn the bulb off. Is this currently a thing/on the roadmap? (This isn’t it turning the inverse On/Off because the bulb is already on when this trigger occurs)



  1. I agree there should be an option to copy/edit a rule like @R.Good said. It would help for people who need the same rule for multiple devices that are not grouped.
  2. There needs to be an action to turn on/off sound detection.

Background - The V2 had a scheduling option where sounds detection events were only created during a certain time schedule. This is not possible with the v3 since the schedule setting was removed. I am only able to turn on/off motion detection with the rules, but I cannot turn on/off sound detection which is odd.

I requested the copy a rule for a year now but it’s still in maybe later status…

Sound detection as an action has been requested by the wishlist for over 2 years now in addition to other actions…

Also other triggers to possibly add…


There needs to be a “WAIT” action available.
I believe others here have posted similar types of actions.

The example would be:
When doorbell is pushed, TURN ON plug, WAIT 10 minutes, TURN OFF plug.

This is available in the Alexa App (have moved away from everything Amazon as a personal preference). Would love to see this in the WYZE Rules.

Thanks for the consideration. Sorry for the possible repetition of idea.


Hi @KittenCanaveral we are working on an integration with Wyze bulbs to create the blink notification. If you have any further questions, please let me know.


Can I get with you via DM on suggestions, so I don’t derail?

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Sure, you can send me the details via DM.


Rules for thermostat: now that the thermostat motion sensor does not change the thermostat status from Away to Home (very disturbed by this FYI), there should be a rule. As it is now, you can create a rule that camera motion triggers the thermostat to Home, but I don’t need it triggering to home, when I leave. The easiest fix to this is restore the thermostat status change on motion sense.
Another thing I’ve wanted is the Away setting on the thermostat, would be nice for it to have a “return to Away after XX minutes”. The reason this is desire is you can only have about 5 (7?) schedule blocks, and having this return to Away would reduce the number of times you have to schedule the thermostat to switch to Away.

a trigger should be Thermostat motion sensed

@QiS , is there going to be a chance that the V3 Camera’s will have a Rule option to not only detect motion and person, but also when motion or person has cleared?

I was trying to setup a Rule similar to a motion sensor which turns on lights and when motion clears turn them off 5 minutes after motion stops.


What I’d prefer is the ability to have the specific light/switch/thermostat status have a time for which it stays in that state (standard in smartthings).
Same thing as you want, just done differently.

That’s a good point, I’ll confirm it with our Camera Team.

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We’ll take it into consideration.

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great suggestion / addition, either should work. As long as I can turn the light or something on and then in a set time, turn it off.

It goes back to a great previous request which @Bam suggested: Action 1, delay or wait, then Action 2. I summarized it here:


I really hope this goes somewhere (I’m sure it will just hopefully soon :slight_smile: ). I think many people will utilize this even though they didn’t realize they would or could, once they understand it that is.

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I agree – I would definitely use it and seems like others would as well.

What really needs to be considered…actually - DONE - is return the original functionality of the motion sensor on the thermostat to change from Away to Home.
It’s almost like someone decided to burn this functionality then flood with water to ensure it just can’t be used.
Why do I say this?
Well, again, originally one could set 9am as Away. So the kids are at school and the parents are at work.
If someone comes home for lunch (or works from home), the HVAC kicks on (due to motion)…all is good.
I took it so far as to have 3 AWAYs in a row spaced about 2 hours apart to truly gain efficiency from this function.
I had to do it that way as there are only 6 schedule block allowed, otherwise I’d have done an AWAY every 30 mins through the day.
BUT - now you can’t even do 2 AWAYs in a row.
Who hates this functionality so much?
I’m on Android FYI.