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Are you also looking at ways to tweak some of the rules or the actions they can do or just at the way we create the rules? As far as templates, I would like it on one screen so I can do each part in the order that works for me, as in if I want to set up my action before my trigger it would likely be doable if it was on screen.

@KittenCanaveral Do you mean to reorder the rules you created?

nope was talking about creation.

@KittenCanaveral could you make it more clearly if you’d like to create a rule?

Have every steeps on one page, I think it would allow for each part of a rule to be worked in the way that works for best for the user.

That’s a good suggestion, while there’re some limitations. We’re working on the improvement to make the flow simple.


BTW I know it’s a bit OT, but can we please get a blinky rule for the doorbell? It would be good for those of us with hearing issues.

I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll confirm with our doorbell PM whether the hardware supports this blinky feature. If yes, we may implement it in Rule Engine.


From a conversation we had back on May 17th

Wishlist Item for Rules Engine:
Copy and Edit ability
Rules are often repeated, turn off, turn on etc… with multiple end points in some cases. Rather than having to repeat from scratch it would be faster if the user could copy a rule and modify attributes.


I actually have a rule that turns off all of my Interior Cameras during wake hours, and turns them on during “Sleep” hours. I also have a shortcut So I can quickly turn on if leaving the house.

What I would like to see is the ability to turn the Interior Camera Group on when the HMS enters an AWAY state.

Update Well, I guess I can do that with a location trigger now… but being able to trigger events with the HMS states would be nice as well.

@QiS , just wanted to mention the one item we discussed. When in a Device settings area and there is a Rules option to select, it would be nice to see the following:

  1. Which Rules the device is actually part of, tap on it and you can review or modify it.
  2. An ability to create a rule from this location then default the trigger to the device you are coming from.

This would make things easier to adjust rules which a device is part of and streamline the creation process since you don’t need to select the trigger device if it is automatically set.

Just wanted to mention this.



That’s a good idea. I can not guarantee when it will be implemented but I’ll add it to my inbox.


I would REALLY like to able to set multiple sensors (walking past the thermostat, doors opening, cameras detection people (not animals)) and have it trigger commands. So if anything in my house sensed movement it could run a rule like turn on lights or set temperature to xyz or turn on the robotic vacuum or maybe even turn off the cameras if you have enough other sensors that could be triggered just from everyday use and not intentional use.

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Got it, The multiple triggers is in our roadmap.


Could you add the ability for triggers to activate other triggers? I have a camera that (in the span of an hour) if it detects motion it changes my bulb color from warm white to green. My issue is that I would like to say “When this trigger has happened (light turns green) begin this other trigger” Which in my case would wait a few minutes then turn the bulb off. Is this currently a thing/on the roadmap? (This isn’t it turning the inverse On/Off because the bulb is already on when this trigger occurs)



  1. I agree there should be an option to copy/edit a rule like @R.Good said. It would help for people who need the same rule for multiple devices that are not grouped.
  2. There needs to be an action to turn on/off sound detection.

Background - The V2 had a scheduling option where sounds detection events were only created during a certain time schedule. This is not possible with the v3 since the schedule setting was removed. I am only able to turn on/off motion detection with the rules, but I cannot turn on/off sound detection which is odd.

I requested the copy a rule for a year now but it’s still in maybe later status…

Sound detection as an action has been requested by the wishlist for over 2 years now in addition to other actions…

Also other triggers to possibly add…


There needs to be a “WAIT” action available.
I believe others here have posted similar types of actions.

The example would be:
When doorbell is pushed, TURN ON plug, WAIT 10 minutes, TURN OFF plug.

This is available in the Alexa App (have moved away from everything Amazon as a personal preference). Would love to see this in the WYZE Rules.

Thanks for the consideration. Sorry for the possible repetition of idea.


Hi @KittenCanaveral we are working on an integration with Wyze bulbs to create the blink notification. If you have any further questions, please let me know.