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Can I get with you via DM on suggestions, so I don’t derail?

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Sure, you can send me the details via DM.


Rules for thermostat: now that the thermostat motion sensor does not change the thermostat status from Away to Home (very disturbed by this FYI), there should be a rule. As it is now, you can create a rule that camera motion triggers the thermostat to Home, but I don’t need it triggering to home, when I leave. The easiest fix to this is restore the thermostat status change on motion sense.
Another thing I’ve wanted is the Away setting on the thermostat, would be nice for it to have a “return to Away after XX minutes”. The reason this is desire is you can only have about 5 (7?) schedule blocks, and having this return to Away would reduce the number of times you have to schedule the thermostat to switch to Away.

a trigger should be Thermostat motion sensed

@QiS , is there going to be a chance that the V3 Camera’s will have a Rule option to not only detect motion and person, but also when motion or person has cleared?

I was trying to setup a Rule similar to a motion sensor which turns on lights and when motion clears turn them off 5 minutes after motion stops.


What I’d prefer is the ability to have the specific light/switch/thermostat status have a time for which it stays in that state (standard in smartthings).
Same thing as you want, just done differently.

That’s a good point, I’ll confirm it with our Camera Team.

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We’ll take it into consideration.

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great suggestion / addition, either should work. As long as I can turn the light or something on and then in a set time, turn it off.

It goes back to a great previous request which @Bam suggested: Action 1, delay or wait, then Action 2. I summarized it here:


I really hope this goes somewhere (I’m sure it will just hopefully soon :slight_smile: ). I think many people will utilize this even though they didn’t realize they would or could, once they understand it that is.

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I agree – I would definitely use it and seems like others would as well.

What really needs to be considered…actually - DONE - is return the original functionality of the motion sensor on the thermostat to change from Away to Home.
It’s almost like someone decided to burn this functionality then flood with water to ensure it just can’t be used.
Why do I say this?
Well, again, originally one could set 9am as Away. So the kids are at school and the parents are at work.
If someone comes home for lunch (or works from home), the HVAC kicks on (due to motion)…all is good.
I took it so far as to have 3 AWAYs in a row spaced about 2 hours apart to truly gain efficiency from this function.
I had to do it that way as there are only 6 schedule block allowed, otherwise I’d have done an AWAY every 30 mins through the day.
BUT - now you can’t even do 2 AWAYs in a row.
Who hates this functionality so much?
I’m on Android FYI.

100% agree on restoring the mode change of the thermostat from away to home when motion is detected. I’m uncertain why you wouldn’t want that functionality unless maybe a large pet in the house could trip it when you wouldn’t want it tripped. If there is a reason, then just add a way for the user to select if they want to turn that functionality on or off.

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I forwarded this to our thermostat PM.

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Was thinking about Rules in general and was curious about the following, I apologize if I asked this before. :slight_smile:

I am interested in grouping Motion Sensors together and having them act as one one to trigger an action in a Rule. Here is what I was thinking, and my be over simplifying it. But, since you currently have the ability to group sensors together and the grouping will show if there is motion on any Sensor in the group, why not make it possible to use the Group as a Virtual Motion Sensor and allow it to be included as a trigger in a Rule? This would then allow us to say If Motion is found on any of the Sensors in a group the do {Something} once there is no more motion on any Sensor (basically, the group shows no motion) then do {Something}.

I hope this makes sense.

Hi @spamoni4 Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and that makes sense. While I had to say, the priority of all the features depends on many factors. What I can tell you is that this feature is in my bucket, and I’m thinking about it.

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I’d like to emphasis something about my previous request.
That request being: enable a method using the PIR on the thermostat as a trigger.
The latest thermostat firmware update removed the functionality of
trigger: PIR sensing movement
action: switch state from Away to Home.

The usefulness of this is truly one of the huge values of the thermostat.
Example: I’m away and have a house sitter. I can set my thermostat to away for a huge swatch of the day, but when the house sitter shows, their presence would trigger Home.
There is no way I’m going to expect this person to download/install the app then explain the geofencing function…not going to happen.

Additionally, the latest version of the app (android) does not allow multiple Away schedules in a row…why?
Either multiple Aways in a row OR (a better solution) when Home is triggered during an Away block, we can set Home to stay in effect for X minutes.

The removal of this functionality really stinks.


Was thinking about an addition to the Rules and I noticed one option for the bulbs may be a benefit. Currently you can:

  • Turn a Bulb On
  • Turn a Bulb Off
  • Set the Brightness
  • Set Color Temp
  • Set Color Selection (Color Bulbs)

What is missing is the ability to activate a scene you may have saved. Is it possible to add a Set Scene option to the list?



I sure could use this… yeahthat


I’m thinking about supporting Scene as an action in a rule. For example, if you create a shortcut, which could be seen as a scene, and this shortcut could be used as an action in Schedule/Device Trigger/Location Trigger.