How does one use rule? I really do not understand its purpose

What is the purpose of rule, and how does it work. And what rules should I use?

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Hi @sefowler57, this support article below will bring you up to speed using rules in the Wyze app. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The link provided by the above Maven doesn’t really confront what you and many like me are asking.

As… There’s no scenarios presented as to how and why you’d set a rule. Let me explain:

If I’m coming home at 6pm, perhaps I’d want my DriveCam to be set to on from 5:50 to 6:15pm. There should be a walkthrough on that.

After I have exited my vehicle in the driveway and triggered the Wyze sense/OutdoorCam/InteriorCam on the pathway/door/interior, I’d like my HomeEntry camera to trigger, there should be a walkthrough for that.

Perhaps after triggering, and recording the next 10 minutes on my presence inside, they then shut down and give me privacy until later in the night after I turn in… There should be a walkthrough for that.

Before I awake, the cameras shut down inside and give me privacy for 45minutes and fully resume after outdoor products detect I’ve left… there’s a walkthrough needed for that too.

If Wyze could just give a few walkthroughs on the automation capabilities of their devices, so many questions could be resolved and people’s intuitions for creating personal rules for their habits could be gained by their trying by HANDS ON.

As it sits right now, rules/triggers/etc is not anywhere near what could be and I’ve been asking for 2.5yrs on where do I find walkthroughs that show me where and how to do any of this…and have them completely not work after latest update.

Care to hear more?..if Wyze is doing facial recognition and pet detection…if I want to be out in my yard late at night using a telescope will it recognize I belong there and ignore me for a rule and yet continuously monitor everything else except my private moments? should, I own it, and like to know that surrounding are monitored around me, rather than ME.

You have to ask yourself also this, what’s the camera you bought sole purpose? Is it to watch you or a potential threat?, a pet? shooting stars?

Rules from what I gather allow some control of camera use, if your home from 10pm to 6am then you could set a rule if the camera turns off or on during that time frame.

The interface in the app really doesn’t check itself to see if it’s correct to what you want as a rule, it’s just basically do this…On/Off at this time, and On/Off ( if you can notice the “add turnOff time” micro feature after pressing Turn On ) and complete the basic rule build.

It’s completely trial and error, we need a LifeHackster walkthrough for IFTTT VIDEO for so many features for these products rather than a link.