Rules do not work all the time

I created two simple rules using location.
One to turn camera on when I leave my home and one yo turn camera off on my return.
They do not work all the time, why?
My phone is set up correctly with location services turned on for the phone and for Wyze.

Can anyone help?

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Can you post screen shots of your different rules, and make sure all actions associated with each rule is shown. Also, what does your Rules History show when the rules should have ran?

I had the same problem with my old Wyze door sensors. I just had rules to silence notifications during specific hours. It worked most time but on occasion even sometimes for several days it would just ignored the rules. I have up and moved to Yolink, much much better. Good luck.

This is one of the rules, hope I did this right

First of all, I would simplify all that and the only action I would have would be on your exit rule have only turn on the camera, and on your enter rule I would only have turn off the camera.

Second of all, FYI both rules include the action of turn on notifications.

Go into the camera settings and enable motion detection and make sure notifications are enabled. You don’t need these extra actions because just the rule of turning on the camera and turning off the camera also in itself controls motion detection and notification. When the camera is off it doesn’t detect motion and when the camera is on it can detect motion so also adding those rule actions is redundant. Have only one rule action simplifies things.

It’s been like this for me since day 1 of my HMS setup with my iPhone.
It works 9 times out of 10. Then, some day, the rule did not trigger.

I can’t directly blame Wyze as it may be a quirk with iOS. Not sure and no obvious way to test.

I got a suggestion last night, to make my “rules” a bit simpler. I unchecked everything ( notifications etc. ) and just checked camera on or off. We shall see what happens

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My rules more often than not just do not work regularly.
For the most part , about 80% the rules work when I “ leave “ but NOT when I arrive home, fails about 50% of the time.
I sm attaching my rules.

Do they fire and fail, or not fire at all? what does your Rules history show for when the rules should have fired?

The rules fire about 80% of the time when leaving my home and fail at a greater rate when I arrive home.
The rules history shows “nothing “ when they fail and when I close the camera via the app, the history shows a successful rule firing.

Well , I just left my home, and my Wyze pan v 3 did not fire and was not recorded in events!
My office cam worked fine.

I have followed all suggestions and done my research as best I could, I have submitted TWO logs about rules not working.
Nothing seems to help, My rules are based on location and nothing fancy.
Rules just do not work and no one seems to be able to help.

Yep… so far none of my home / away rules have work at all. Going to simplify them and try again this should not be that difficult…

Have you contacted Support on this? When you create a log via the app, it gets placed in a drop box type thing. It’s a two step process, the second step or another step is to also contact Support then you can provide them the log number. A submitted log just sits there until it is referenced after a contact with Support.

I submitted a log twice, and contacted support.Nothing has happened.
I am very frustrated with the camera and the whole process.