Rule not working


I’ve set up a rule, my first attempt to switch on the Cam 3 when I leave home. it’s fairly simple and no problem to set up, except it does not work

I’ve rebooted the camera and reloged into the android app, latest version. but the camera just stays of rather than switching on once I’m out of the 500 feet range (can we have a metric settings please…)

Just for info though shouldn’t change anything, I’m in France

enclosed screen shots of my settings

Update, just changed the app location settings to all the time rather than when using the app, will test later today

Still no joy, not switching on :sob:

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Take a look under the account tab for the rules entry. In rules, view history and see if your rule actually triggered.

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Thanks, second trip away from the house and this time it worked, I can see it in the history, Thanks for that tip. Will test again tomorrow

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Well, tested again twice today, nothing, Can’t get the ‘away’ rule to work, out of five trips away from the house, only once did it work and then not right away

Other rules are working, doing a reboot once a day at 10am, that works

Just the leaving home not working, so if anyone has any ideas, I’m open

What does the rule history tell you?

As you can see, Location role worked once, But I’ve been out about five times, twice today and it didn’t work at all.

For some reason your location isn’t being detected properly. First question would be are you sure you are outside the radius of the location so that it would trigger the rule? Second, do you have another device which is logged into the Wyze app? If so, as long as one device is within the radius of “home” the rule won’t trigger.


the first answer is yes I was miles away

But to your second suggestion, My wife is shared to the camera, and she was at home, though all the time, even when it worked once…

Tomorrow I’m dropping her of at the train, so I’ll be able to test again

Will get back tomorrow with more info


So, now that my wife or rather her phone is not in the same house, effectively the rule when leaving is now working correctly

Though as yet when arriving back home, the second rule is not switching it off,… Sussed that out, widened the distance for returning as it takes a bit of time to work

All good now

Many thanks for the heads up yesterday :+1::+1: