Rules do not work

I know I wrote abut this before and did not get the response I needed. Please do not yell at me :frowning:
I am going to try again, I created two rules one when I leave my home to turn camera on and one when I return to turn camera off.
Nothing fancy about that.
Does not work properly, works about 50% of the time. I am using an apple device with all updates installed.
Location services turned on with permission.
I have submitted logs, twice, and no response or help.
Checked and double checked my iphone, to make sure all settings there are correct and they are.
I am including screen shots of my rules and hoping someone can come up with a fix.

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The problem isn’t with your rules or with your phone. It is with the reliability of the Location Trigger in the Wyze Rules. I could repost links to dozens of users who have found the Location Triggers unreliable. For whatever technical reason, the bits and bots in the app rules logic aren’t getting the proper GPS location update from the phone and relaying that to the server to fire the Rule.

Many have turned to IFTTT for their location triggers which seems to be more reliable.

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In my experience the location triggers have been pretty good. However if you have 2 phones on one account they will both trigger the rules which can result in unwanted behavior.

Also, note that submitting a log does not prompt Wyze to respond or even look at the log. After submitting you must give that log to a Wyze support member or staff member here in forum.

Only one phone on account
I submitted the logs and spoke to a support person who did not have answers & said maybe they will fix this in the next app update.
Well that never happened

Here is a thread with others experiencing the same issue.

A search of the forum for “Location Triggers” reveals multiple threads of devices having issues w\ Geofencing.

That sounds close to my issue as well

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Yea, if you are using GPS or Location settings, you should set Precise Location as well.

In addition, in Android, you should set the Battery Usage to Unrestricted.


I am using location setting, and it is set to precise location as well.
I am using an iOS device

Same problem. The Location Trigger simply does not work.

IFTTT? Can you explain?

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a 3rd party App much like Alexa. It is an app that can run routines called Applets. Many Wyze devices, once your Wyze account is linked, have Triggers and Actions that are available within IFTTT. When building an Applet, it would generally be: If Phone enters\exits this GPS area\location, Then execute this Action on This Wyze Device. It is running a rule from outside the Wyze App.

The free version of the IFTTT App gives you 5 free Applets.

I use that exact feature for myself and it works perfectly. I am running an Android phone although. It looks like in your actions that you’re cutting the cameras on and off but not necessarily enabling the motion detection. Have you tried leaving the cameras on and enabling motion detection when you leave and turning that off when you arrive back? That is how I have mine set up and don’t have any issues with it. Just a thought.


Interesting idea, but on consideration, if the cameras are not turning off & on for a Location Trigger, they are not going to disable & enable motion detection for a Location Trigger.

Thanks, I’ll try it.

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Will try anything!
Just annoying that you don’t get help or answers from Wyze

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If the problem is on the Wyze Server in translating the GPS trigger received from the App to the On\Off action, it may work with different actions.

If the problem is with the Wyze App picking up the GPS Location change from the phone and sending that data to the server for the trigger, then the choice in actions is a moot point.

Then I have a product that can not do what I am asking of it , but sold to me saying it can .

I am not happy with Wyze to say the least

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The majority of what happens here in the forum falls into five categories:

  1. Users helping other users get the most out of their cams and devices by sharing tips, tricks, and tutorials.
  2. Users requesting features that are not yet in production.
  3. Wyze announcing the release of new software, firmware, or devices.
  4. Users testing Beta software and firmware and giving feedback on things that need fixed. This includes existing features that don’t work in production versions.
  5. Users expressing their opinions.

Since this issue falls into the #4 category, it needs to be reported as a bug in the current app release thread and included in the next Monthly Fix-it-Friday callout which will appear in the #news category when announced. This is a link to the March Fix-it-Friday thread which is not open for new issues.

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I have a rule that has nothing to do with location. It looks for a pet and then turns on the siren. Very simple but only works about 40% of the time. I’m not going to waste my time submitting info, as Wyze can easily reproduce. It seemed to have gotten even less reliable when i “upgraded” to V3 pan from the V3 standard.
Assuming there are different VM’s for the AI, as one could never handle all users at once, I suspect certain of these machine instances are not performing 100% for whatever reason.

Did try IFTTT, and its location triggers work perfectly integrating with the Wyze cameras. That tells me that the Wyze location trigger problem lies with the App on iPhone, not with Wyze servers. Note that while IFTTT currently offers a free plan, it does not seem to include custom applets–only canned applets.

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