Location trigger in 2.23 Beta

Hi Everyone,

The location trigger is released in 2.23 beta. Please try to create a location-based rule.


  • Currently only open to users who have been in the new Rule Engine.
  • If you want to experience this feature while you’re in the old Rule Engine, please send me a message with your email, I can add you to the white list.

If you have any questions related to the location trigger, please let me know.
We’re here to make this feature reliable and easy to use.


I created 2 rules for entering and exiting for push notifications, we’ll see tomorrow morning :grin:

Thank you, hope this feature works well for you.

I setup 2 rules as well. One to turn lights on and sets a color when I leave and off when I get home.

Was hoping I could have it turn the HMS to Home Away and Disarm when I get home, but did not see that as an option.

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Supporting HMS is in development, :smiley: please be patient.


Patient I am. :slight_smile:

This is so awesome @QiS ! I am excited to experiment with this and I will let you know what I discover (though I don’t leave my house as often as most people since I work from home too).

Off the top of my head though. Some initial feedback includes:

It seems the boundaries are between 500ft to 2 miles. Would it be possible to reduce the boundary area to at least a little less than 500 feet?

The reason I ask is that 500 feet is still a huge area covering a couple of blocks, and for me it overlaps the main freeway on the Northeast side. I would prefer to shrink the boundary down to basically just cover my local block. I know that GPS is not extremely accurate, so you can’t shrink the range too small or there will be false triggers, but 500 feet is a little big as a minimum. Maybe allow it to go a little smaller and if a person is having location false trigger issues, just tell them to adjust it a little bigger? My accuracy rarely to never strays beyond my immediate neighbor houses, so 500 feet is OVERKILL for this…I’d love to have it reduced to half that. Then I don’t get false automations everytime I drive away then get on the freeway and pass that zone. Forcing the minimum too be too big is problematic for me than the potential of having it too small. -Something to consider. Again, I’ll do some tests and let you know how things are working out. I’m excited for the geofencing possibilities with this and the HMS arming/disarming and other devices.

Long-term: Need to incorporate family location / shared accounts for conditional triggers

For example, you need to figure out how to check the conditions of my location and my wife’s, and my daughter’s location so I can say “If NOBODY is home, then do X” (arm HMS) or “when ANYONE comes home, then do X” (disarm HMS). For location to be extraordinary, this needs to be worked on somehow for long term viability.

Still, Thank you for adding this! I am excited to test it out and create some rules and will provide experience feedback for you.


I agree, my house backs to a shopping center and would like to get the circle down to 200 or less…

Family presence would also be a benefit.


Sure it is, when it’s working.

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@QiS just a thought as a pseudo location trigger. Location within the circle but loss of Wi-Fi. Used wisely this could be a close proximity trigger for things less than roughly 500 ft.

Of course I would have to be a disclaimer about interference within your home if you lose Wi-Fi :slight_smile: but it’s a possibility and would be more “accurate”

And a quick Google search here’s what I came up with

In my first test it didn’t work although it was a quick and dirty test. What is the refresh rate for checking the distance for the app?


Sharing with family members is crucial! That was the main reason I had IFTTT and Life360. Complete home automation for my entire family would be heaven!


@QiS I tested the Location rule. I don’t think it worked, but it could be the type of rule I set up (turn notifications on and off rather than turn a device like a bulb on and off). Regardless, it didn’t show up in the rules history as triggering the rule. Here is what I set up for the first test:

Here are the new Location rules I set up:

Here is my Google Maps Timeline of Leaving Home:

As you can see sometime just after 9:46PM there should be a Rules history log of that rule executing as I left home, and the other rule executing as soon as I returned home around 10:44pm. You can also see that I traveled more then 500 feet (which is the distance the location is set up for as you can see above), and I went more than 2 miles away anyway, which is beyond the maximum distance that could’ve been set in the location feature anyway, so it definitely should’ve worked.

However, the Rules History indicates that nothing happened in that timeframe

Here is the Rules History showing those rules did not execute when I left around 9:46pm nor returned around 10:44pm

(red circle shows the time frame where the rule execution should be logged but is conspicuously not including the new location rules):

So, it did not work with turning notifications on and off and isn’t showing the rule executing in the rules history at all either.

I do have the notification saying that “Wyze app is running in the background - This keeps location-based features working properly” showing up in my notifications.

I am running Android 11 with a Pixel 5 and I do indeed have the 2.23 Beta Installed and you put me in the New Rules Engine a long time ago, so none of those things are the issue. I created a log in case you wanted one to help figure out why it didn’t work as expected:

Log 256713

I included the original screenshots in the log (without inking over or highlighting things).

I will try later to see if something else like turning bulbs on and off will work instead.


Make sure you have the run in background on in app settings. I noticed this after one of my tests didn’t work.

I didn’t get a chance to try it again, but something to be aware of


You make a good point. I do have that persistent notification in my notification area as shown:

However, I don’t have that option enabled in the Account - App settings section as you mentioned. I think the persistent notification is showing up for me anyway for 2 reasons: #1) I have the Wyze Lock setup to auto-unlock based on location (and it added it then), and #2) when I set up the current new location rule in question, it asked me to allow Wyze to always have access to my location, which I agreed to. So that notification is there to ensure Wyze app gets location information for both of those. Perhaps it makes a difference if it is or is not selected in the Account - App settings section. This would be good to test out. The Persistent notification is showing up despite not having that option selected. I wonder if I add it, will I then get 2 persistent notifications?

–Just tested, I enabled that option and I still only have one persistent notification as though there was no change at all. I will test and see if there was a change to functionality by enabling that, and see if it makes the difference here…but again, the persistent notification was already enabled, either from the Wyze Lock or when I gave Wyze app permission when I was setting up the location rule. So since it was already there, I would normally expect it was already functional, but we will test, maybe not having it selected in that particular location causes a glitch in the programming somehow. Good thinking. We will see.


Hello! Can you add the location trigger to my profile or upgrade me to the new rule engine, please?

unfortunately, my rule for turning on push notifications was not triggered. I checked the rules history & it was not there. “Run in the background” enabled, I checked the app setting, location was turned on but only while using the app, which should have been running in the background but I changed the settings to allow all the time, I’ll test again…



Hi @carverofchoice @Ken.S I got your feedback, we’ll look into it.


tested again at lunch, location rule did not run even with location permission always on.

submitted log 257034

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I just tried it. And it worked beautifully. Now for Home Monitoring.

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