Geofencing Question

I have searched, but I haven’t found the answer. Hopefully someone can provide the answer. How does the new geofencing work? I mean, is it based on the location of my phone? Is it based on my email address somehow? Does it know if my wife and I are both gone, or just one of us? This sounds like a very useful tool, and I’m thankful Wyze is implementing it. Can someone either answer the questions or point me to something I can read about it? Thank you.

Still in limited Beta use:

Yes, I understand it is still in limited Beta use. Can anyone answer the question?

The thread you asked for doesn’t answer your questions? Yes, based on your phone. Not email. Just you to start. More phones later. I pointed you to the thread you asked for where you can read more about it.

Thank you.

It’s based on your phone location. Currently, only for one person. The multiple persons feature is in our roadmap.