Why no Geo Fence for cameras?

Why no Geo Fence for camera’s?

Why has this not been available for the cameras? Probably the most awaited feature that I can think of for some time. The ability to turn-on notifications when you’ve left the area is a highly needed feature that should’ve been standard.

You can do this using Rules. Create a rule with the + button on the home screen, select location trigger, and set the action to be turn on or off notifications.


Well I’m embarrassed to say the least. I’ll give it a try. Thank you

Can the location be used on two mobile devices for the same group? Would like notification only when the two devices are out of the area.

Not at this time, but it is currently being researched by Wyze. Please comment on and/or vote for this wishlist topic to show your support:

Multiple User Geofencing Geolocation (incl. Home Monitoring)


Excellent. Thank you!