Location Based Actions

Would be great to manage motion and notifications by the location of my iPhone. When I arrive, turn motion off. When I leave turn motion on. Create the rules per device. Use existing notification controls to turn motion back on at a time everyone is usually in bed.

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You can do this currently with IFTTT (search the support link above for instructions). You can do single-user geolocation with just IFTTT, or for multi-user you need to add a third party tool such as Life360.

You can also go to this existing #roadmap topic and vote for Wyze implementing this internally:


the newest iOS updated app says “the update says ‘added support for location based rules triggers’ so i assume i can now do triggers based on when I arrive/leave home.”

but I’m not seeing how to enable it. I did tell it where ‘home’ was. and allowed ‘always’ for location in permissions… but then what? shortcuts don’t seem to do it, even if you pick ‘away from home’ icon…

i’m on with support chat now…

I had been using IFTT for a while now, but it would be nice to do it native

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