Help with setting motion alerts and notifications please

I would like to do the following…

Have the camera on so I can observe it but not detecting motion or at least not sending me notifications about it.
Use IFTTT to turn on and off Motion detection as I leave or enter the area.
I know how to set up IFTTT but I am just not sure what settings I should have on/off in the app to allow it to work .
There seems to be two settings involved, Event Recording and Notifications, which one does IFTTT switch on and off ?
Can anyone put me straight?

I think the reason people hesitate to answer this is the theoretically tight geofence you imply. If you move to another room, that’s really tough. Move to a local mall, that’s easier. Let’s define it a little more maybe?

I might be able to help if I do know the area we are dealing with, I have mine set using a smartthings presence sensor (my phone) to tell IFTTT when I leave an are (my house), and I have that set to turn on notifications, but you can also set it to turn on motion detection.
My question would be what are you using that can tie to IFTTT to let it know you leave an area and is the area big like your house or small like 1 room?

Thanks for replying.
Here’s the scenario. I have a cam at my front door. While at home I want to keep the cam switched on so that if someone knocks on the door I can see who it is before opening but I dont want to record video or get notifications on my phone.
When I leave the house I want motion detection on so it records motion and sends notifications to my phone.
I am using my phone’s location to let IFTTT know when I leave the area.
What I want to know is what actions do I need IFTTT to turn on…
Turn on device?
Enable motion detection?
Turn on notifications?


My own experience has been that the Geofencing area is about 150’ minimum in diameter. More importantly the center will shift literally sometimes from moment to moment making it very imprecise. I use it to turn on detection when I leave home and it usually runs within a block. As far as cam settings the Wyze triggers on IFTTT will change your existing cam settings.
Let me know if you figure out how to make it work from room to room!
Best of luck!

Hmmm, I dont want to make it work from room to room. I just want to know which settings to turn on using IFTTT so that I get motion notifications when I am away from home.

You will need to set 4 applets, one when your phone departs turn on motion detection, one when your phone departs turn on notifications, then 1 each of the opposite when phone arrives turn off detection and turn off notifications. I hope this helps

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Jason21271 listed the steps for IFTTT. In addition make sure that notifications are turned on in the app itself (small bell in upper rt. corner of home screen in IOS) and allowed in the general settings for your device.

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Sometimes I skip over the obvious things, yes none of what I said will work if notifications arent on in the phone

Thanks everyone, working now.

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Glad I could help

Hey - I drove myself nuts for a while until someone mentioned it to me!