Rules or IFTTT

Hi all, New user here

For the moment my Cam 3 is installed in my second home

Have only just installed it to cover the living room

What I’m wanting to do is when I leave the house it switches the Cam on automatically, And of as soon as I arrive at the house, turns it off, Either by location or detecting the WiFi if that is possible

Now can I create a rule to do this, it looks like I can, but as not at that house for the moment I can’t try it and/or do I need IFTTT (which I haven’t used in years) as I see quite a few posts about it

thanks for any ideas, suggestions :+1:

No need for IFTTT. Your Wyze app can do it for you.

Create two GPS Geofencing ‘location’ rules. One to turn the cam off and one to turn it back on when you enter\leave the radius you set.

You will need to wait till you go there to test it.


Great, just want I needed, will try it as soon as I get their again


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