Would someone walk me through setting up ITTT with my Wyze Cams please?

I would like to have my three cams recognize a geofence and then activate motion detection notices when I leave home. I would then like the notices to be deactivated when I return home.

This would allow me to know if someone entered my apt while I am away.

IFTTT is fairly complex and if you aren’t familiar with it, difficult to implement. The Wyze beta app has some basic location functions in it that will do what you want. It just isn’t production yet. You should be able to become a beta tester and use those rules, which I think would be easier than IFTTT.

OK, thanks, I will look for the beta.

I’ve followed the instructions for accessing the beta program, but I’m not finding anything.

I have no Account → About → Beta Program when I log into my account.

Did you follow the instructions here: