Feature Request: Geofence Camera On/Off

<p style=“text-align: center;”>Unless I’m missing it, I don’t see an option to have to cameras turn on/off based on cell phone location.</p>
I’d like to have the option to turn the camera off inside the house when I arrive home so it’s not on me!

It would be great if this was an Alexa feature but I’d take IFTTT.



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Exactly what I’d like also. I see an option in the camera setting to Turn Off the camera. It would be great if IFTTT could turn in the camera when I leave home and turn off when I arrive home. Currently, IFTTT doesn’t have that choice under Wyze.

I don’t know who’s responsible for the Wyze IFTTT functions but the turn camera on/off feature was only recently added to the main Wyze apps so this should just need to be added enabled/added as a function to the IFTTT skillset.

I had this setup before but before the cameras had the ability to be turned on/off remotely. Basically using a few smart plugs, when IFTTT location detected I had left/returned, it would turn off/on the smart plugs, thus killing/restoring power to the cameras.

It worked very well (little bit of delay) but ultimately wasn’t suitable for my particular case (90% of the time when I leave for work my wife is still at home, so it ended up turning on cameras while she was home).

Definitely a required feature. I don’t have IFTT and would definitely like the app to have it.

Thank you.