IFTTT integration not turning cameras on

I’m not completely sure when this started as it’s been working fine in the past, but I discovered that my IFTTT integration rule is not turning on any of my cameras when a switch from SmartThings is turned on. The IFTTT activity says the applet ran fine. I have another rule that turns off the cameras when that same switch is turned off. That works! I’ve tried recreating the rule and reauthenticating Wyze from within IFTTT to no avail. Is anybody else experiencing this behavior?

Same here. IFTTT will not turn on cameras but still turns them off. Issue started Nov 10, 2021

Me as well. IFTTT turns off camera, but wont turn on. Applet says its running fine, and service connection ok. Started about 2 days ago.

I have a ticket submitted with Wyze, but haven’t heard anything from them since. Will update when I hear from them, if that ever occurs. Really not happy with this company right now. It’s obvious this is broken for everyone who is using it.


cool-thank you

Same here for a few days now. Also same results using Google home , It will turn it off but not on.

Wyze acknowledged that it’s been an issue since 11/9. I’ve had some back and forth with Support and they keep saying that they “hope” to have it fixed in an upcoming firmware/app update. This is an absolute deal killer for me. I’m not asking for a feature request here. At one point they even offered to entertain a return, but only if I purchased through them directly. I don’t want to return them, I want the issue fixed! Was considering a Cam Plus subscription and some of their other products, but this experience turned me off completely. Might want to submit your own tickets to exemplify the importance of having this capability.

Thanks for the feedback. Yep, a few more tickets won’t hurt…

Hopefully not speaking too soon but but Alexa and Google [IFTTT integration working this morning.

Working for me now.

Working for me too