motion detection won't stay on

I noticed I wasn’t getting notification from one of my cameras. I checked settings and found motion detection off. I turned it back on but a little while later I found it off again. Is anyone else having the problem of motion detection turning itself off un-commanded? I have 3 cams but it is only happening to one of them.

Are you using the production or beta version of the app? Are you using IFTTT at all? Those are two things that come to mind that could be turning off motion detection.

Thanks for the response. I and using v1.4.43

I double checked my IFTTT set up and found the problem.

The cam in question was not connected to my IFTTT app (or so I thought).

I have used the IFTTT for two of the 3 cams I have for several months now with no problem.

The other day I came home after being gone for several days and found my IFTTT set up was not working as it should. So I checked the applets to find two of them turned off and they would not stay on until I re-saved the applet. Apparently when I re-saved it included all cams even though that’s not how I originally had set it up.

I am not sure why I had to re-save to get the applets to stay in the on position. Did anyone else have this happen lately?

Glad you figured it out.

The same thing happened to me. My wyze ifttt applets turned off. I also could not select a single cam - I am forced to select " any camera" for the trigger.

I still cannot get my if they applets to work as intended. Creating a new applet also forces me to use “any camera” Something must have changed

More trouble with IFTTT. It is very sluggish today. Can take 30 minutes for the applet to run after the trigger. Anyone else having trouble?