IFTTT seems to think I have no cameras

IFTTT apps which have the option to select a camera all show that I have no cameras? I have a feeling I am missing something obvious but can’t figure it out?

While logged into your IFTTT account, go to the link below and make sure IFTTT is connected to your Wyze account: Get Started - IFTTT

I did, and I am.

If you are sure you’re using the same account email on both, I’d try disconnecting Wyze and reconnecting it on IFTTT.

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Seems to be the internet equivalent to “did you turn it off and back on” but it works. I went ahead and logged out and back into Wyze via IFTTT and viola everything works again.


I’m having the same problem as listed above, but I have done all of the steps and the problem keeps coming back over and over again. Here is my problem.

I have setup an applet to take a video when my Phillips Hue Outdoor motion sensor detects motion. This works flawlessly for about a little less than a day, and then for some strange reason, my motion detector detects motion, it executes the applet and it run, but no video gets captured. After some time, I finally realize I’m no longer getting videos when motion is detected, so I go check my status for my Wyze services and it shows I’m connected and everything looks to be in order, but if I go to the applet and click the gear to edit the applet, down below in the “Which Device” area, my camera is no longer showing up there, so I then go thru the process of just logging back into my Wyze account, which it still says I’m “active”, but once I go back thru the process of logging back in, then go back to edit my app, my Wyze cam now shows back up again there, and it will stay there for less than a day, and then I have to initiate the process all over again the next day, and I’m starting to get to the point where I’m feeling I can no longer depend on IFTTT or Wyze, as this is really starting to get old fast. Does anyone have any experience with this issue and how to resolve it?

Thanks so much in advance for any thoughts or help!

I am having a similar issue- I need to log into my Wyze account to reauthorize the IFTTT app about every 24 hours or IFTTT “forgets” the camera. This issue seemed to start around the time of the last firmware update, but I’m not sure.

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I am sorry this is happening. I have not had to login again myself. I am not sure what triggers IFTTT to require a new login but i suspect that is what is causing this.

I also have this happening. For a while my ifttt connection worked great, but recently (seemingly around updating) my applets lose the camera every few days and I have to reset the ifttt account connection. Just reset the camera, hoping that fixes it.

Same issue here. Happens nearly every day from what I can tell. “No options found”.

Have to edit the connection (reauth) and then it works. For awhile anyway.


Odd indeed, I have only had it happen once so far anyway. I wonder what would cause that to happen so frequently? Is the connection info stored as a cookie perhaps?

Any updates? I have the same problem. It started recently from the app update

Seems like this is happening across multiple accounts. Any chance the new updates have a bug we could escalate to developers? If IFTTT isn’t working the new sense package loses a ton of functionality.

I pinged Wyze employees on this issue yesterday.

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The bug isn’t due to multiple accounts or devices. Since i have only 1 device and 1 account and it still happens. I notice my camera will dissapear randomly from IFTTT then reappear randomly. So sometimes no reconnection to WYZE account is needed to get it to appear again on IFTTT. But this is not very useable at the moment

I am facing the exact same issue… I guess it is the firmware that has caused this…

Hello! We’re sorry to hear about this difficulty with IFTTT. I’m escalating this information further within the company.


I just wanted to add myself to the list. I reset the connection a few hours ago. It’s already disconnected. This feels like a pretty big issue. It’s the only way, as far as I know, I can interact between wyze and SmartThings.

The same has been happening for me. I’ve disconnected and reconnected the Wzye service several times. It fixes the problem only temporarily.

Disconnecting and reconnecting only works for a little bit in my experience.

Example, yesterday it was showing no options. I didn’t bother resetting it. Then today I got several notifications that it had triggered and indeed several recordings were made based of motion detected by an Arlo camera.

Seems really random.