Ifttt problem

I used to have a ifttt webhook which would send a web request when motion was detected on the camera. I had been using it for a long time with no problems. About a month ago it just stopped working. I read some where on the forums to delete the Ifttt app and re-add it. I deleted it and now when I try to recreate it I cannot find the wyze command in ifttt. It used to be called If Motion detected then make a web request. Was this removed.

Wyze, Motion is detected and Wyze, Motion Sensor Detects Motion are both there for me.

I figured it out. I tried creating a new ifttt app online in a web browser and was not able to. (no option) I opened the Ifttt app on the iphone and was able to create a new app. It is just strange that it worked correctly and then just stopped. This is what my app did. My wyze cam is outside. When motion was detected on the wyze cam it would send a web request to My isy controller (i use insteon devices) to run a program. The program would turn on the outside light if it was between sunset and sunrise for 1 minute then turn it off. This gives light for the recording. The night mode on the camera didn’t really work that well outside. I guess to much area to cover. I guess i will need to wait until sunset to test to see if the newly created app works.

Update, I changed the program and took away sunset and sunrise. All is good. Everything is working as it should.

IFTTT is notorious for “losing” authorization from some of its providers. Periodically I have to log Wyze out of IFTTT and back in.

Also I would recommend an outdoor IR illuminator. They work really well!

Tendelux 80ft IR Illuminator | AI4 No Hot Spot Wide Angle Infrared Light for Security Camera (w/Power Adapter) Amazon.com

Thank you for the link. I have an issue to get power to it. Was very difficult to get power to the cam. I ran an extended USB cable under the soffits and into the garage for the cam. Maybe I can do something the same for this. Thank you.

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There are sockets like the one below that let a light fixture provide usb outlets or the good old ones that have a plug receptacle in them if you have a light fixture nearby.

Nyce Power LampCharger Light Bulb Socket Adapter, Light Socket USB Charging Station, USB Charger Ports, Tablet and Phone Charger Adapter | 60W Max (2 Pack - Lamp Charger with 2 USB Ports) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P9SDD9M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_VsYoDb1FK43DM